September 18, 2021

Items worth £ 200k were stolen from all four homes, including Glasgow.

All four houses Scotland Thieves have been targeted for stealing a total of 200k worth of valuables.

The robbers broke into homes across Glasgow, as well as Paisley, East Kill Bride, Bishop Burgess, Camboslang, Kirkntelouch, Robroston and Stapes.

Police are investigating Scotland and have launched an “Operation Suitcase” in response to the vandalism of a significant number of Asian homes.

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Asian gold jewelry and watches, valued at £ 200,000, have been seized and are being questioned to identify those responsible.

Police say 14 housebreakings are being linked. Officers want to locate the Gun Metal Gray Capra Attica car, which is believed to have been in everyone’s area. Crime.

Glasgow Times:

Detective Sergeant Alan McInnes of the Community Investigation Unit in Gwen said: “As a result of each of these incidents, homeowners have been devastated by the theft of their belongings and we are following several lines of inquiry. Identify the culprits and track down the stolen items.

“We will ask anyone who remembers to see any suspicious activity in the affected areas between August 21 and 31, or who can help us locate Gray Capra Attica and its occupants, to contact the police immediately.” ਕਰੇ۔

“In addition, anyone with other information related to our ongoing investigation should be contacted.

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“Preventing burglary and reducing the number of victims of such crimes is a top priority for Police Scotland and the public must play a key role in keeping their valuables safe and out of sight. Doors and windows are properly secured when left empty.

“We would also recommend that those who choose to store significant valuables indoors invest in strong security measures such as safe, alarm and motion-activated lighting.

“Also, where possible, we encourage the use of a secure deposit box with your home address, or if this is not a viable option, please consider using the secure storage option, which you can use.” Approved by the insurance company. ”

Crimes took place in homes within the following addresses.

  • Macmillan Crescent, Beth (August 21)
  • Mass Bank Drive, Glasgow (August 23)
  • McGoldrick Place, Steps (August 23)
  • Coltmeier Drive, Bishop Briggs (August 24)
  • Broadstone Road, Strainer (August 24)
  • Viewfield Road, Bishop Briggs (August 25)
  • Panuhari Drive, Robroston (August 26)
  • Lutheran Street, Bathgate (August 27)
  • Ear Drive, Kirknteloch (August 28)
  • Howishal Road, Kambuslang (August 29)
  • MacArthur Crescent, East Kill Bride (August 29)
  • Foxglove Place, Glasgow (August 30)
  • Leverkusen Place, Glasgow (August 31)
  • Munawar Park Grove, Paisley (August 31)

Anyone with information about any of the incidents can contact Police Scotland by dialing 101 and referring to the August 25 incident number 2747.

Alternatively, an anonymous report can be made to Charity Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

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