September 28, 2021

Israel launches coveted antibody test for 3-year-olds

Israel began antibody testing for children under the age of three on Sunday, finding out the number of young people who had been vaccinated against the corona virus before the new school year.

Despite the daily increase in infections due to the highly transferable delta type, the Israeli government insists it wants to avoid the difficulties and developmental setbacks caused by the closure of schools.

Israel has already started vaccinating children 12 and older.

The National Serological Survey focuses on students between the ages of three and 12 who are not yet eligible for the job, with about 1.5 to 1.5 million children.

According to the Ministry of Education, the aim is to find out how many children have developed strong antibody protection against the corona virus after an unregistered or chronic case.

Israel antibody test.
The Israeli survey focuses on students between the ages of three and 12 who are not yet eligible for the job, about 1.5 million children. Photo: AFP / Jack Goose

These children with sufficient antibodies will not be forced to be quarantined when they come in contact with a cowardly patient, a move aimed at limiting school year interruptions.

Announcing Israel’s “biggest serological operation” by the Jerusalem municipality on Sunday, Mayor Moshe Leon urged parents to bring their children for a 15-minute free fingerprint test.

The survey is being conducted jointly by the Ministries of Health and Education and the Army’s Home Front Command, which told AFP on Sunday that its antibody testing operation had begun.

At a serological testing site in the coastal city of Netanya, Zehr was happy to learn that his son had contracted covid.

“My son tested positive for corona antibodies, apparently he was ill and we didn’t know about it,” he told AFP.

“It means he will now get a ‘green pass’ and will be able to go to school safely,” he said.

Babies with enough antibodies.
Children with substantial antibodies will not be forced to quarantine a cowardly patient, a move aimed at limiting school year interruptions. Photo: AFP / Jack Goose

Her youngest daughter was also tested on Sunday, she did not have antibodies.

Army Radio reported Sunday that a pilot program last week focused primarily on ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities, with about a fifth of children developing antibodies.

Eagle Saluk, director general of the Ministry of Education, said in a statement last month that last year’s school closures had caused “emotional and social harm” to students.

“Lockdown and remote learning have led to a 44% increase in referrals to suicide risk assessments,” he said.

Israel was one of the first countries to launch a vaccination drive in mid-December, receiving millions of doses of the vaccine through an agreement with Pfizer to share data on its effectiveness.

The vaccination campaign has been hailed as a success story that has significantly reduced the number of infections, but Israel is once again registering thousands of cases.

As it launches a serological survey, Israel is also moving forward with vaccinations, offering a third or booster, shooting everyone over the age of 40 while urging non-vaccinators. He has gone to get a job.

Of Israel’s approximately 49.3 million people, more than 5.4 million have received two doses of the vaccine, while 1.2 million have had a third shock.

About 980,000 corona virus infections have been recorded in Israel since the outbreak of the epidemic early last year, and more than 6,700 deaths have been reported.

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