October 18, 2021

Islamists lose Morocco’s parliamentary elections


Preliminary results on Thursday showed that Morocco’s Liberal RNI party won the most seats in the country’s parliamentary elections, followed by another Liberal party, the PAM, while the co-ruling moderate PJD defeated the Islamists. had to face it.

Led by billionaire Agriculture Minister Aziz Akhnoch, the RNI won 97 of the 395-seat parliament, the PAM won 82 and the conservative Istiqlal won 78 seats.

The PJD, a coalition partner in the previous two governments, won only 12 of the 96 parliamentary seats it counted. The results show a major change in fortunes as the RNI won only 37 seats in the last election in 2016, while the PJD won 125 seats.

RNI ministers controlled key economic departments of agriculture, finance, trade and tourism in the outgoing government.

Turnout in Wednesday’s election was 50.3 percent, up from 43 percent in 2016. Morocco Parliamentary and local Elections The same day.

Morocco is a constitutional monarchy where. King The North African country has vast powers. He chooses the prime minister from the party that wins the most seats in parliament, which will then form the cabinet and present it to the king for approval.

Appointments to key departments, including internal affairs, foreign affairs and defense, are final.

The new voting rules were expected to make it harder for the major parties to win as many seats as before, meaning the RNI would have to negotiate a coalition to form a government.

The palace also sets the economic agenda and builds a development model of 37 million people that the new government is being asked to implement.

In a statement on Wednesday, the PJD accused rivals of buying votes, without naming or providing details.

Despite being the largest party since 2011, the PJD has failed to block laws it opposes, including strengthening the French language in one education and allowing another. Cannabis For medical use

Former PJD minister Lahsan Dawoodi told reporters that if the PJD did not win the elections, he would join the opposition.



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