September 18, 2021

Is the vaccine passport plan too far away?

Is the government overstepping its authority with vaccine certification schemes?

Restrictions on liberties after a year and a half Corona virus Epidemic, this is the latest initiative being introduced.

To avoid doubt, in these pages I have said before that people should be vaccinated and my view has not changed.

This is the best way to protect yourself and others from serious illness and death.

The more important question is about vaccine certification, and not about the long-term implications. Health Or code but to what extent the government should control our lives and our bodies and the right of the people to make their own decisions.

The government has already wielded a great deal of power and has succeeded in making decisions that have a profound effect on the daily lives and livelihoods of the population.

People have already been sacrificed the right to be social with others during epidemics, and the ability to travel freely has been taken away with travel restrictions that have existed for so long.

These were short-term measures that were widely accepted.

Although most, if not all, were unhappy that they had to be introduced, the majority understood the logic and agreed to endure the virus for a while so that normal life could resume.

Normal life is at the heart of whether a vaccine passport is the right way to proceed.

After an epidemic, how normal will life be?

How long will people need to share a portion of their medical? History With a nightclub or football club to attend.

There is also the question of utility.

Will this move really make a difference?

As the latest increase in cases shows, as we always know, vaccination does not stop you from catching the code, nor does it stop you from moving forward.

Therefore, anyone can attend a nightclub or football match that reflects their vaccination status, and there may still be an increase in cove cases.

There is also a party political dimension as a side show.

Next week’s vote will determine whether Green co-leaders Partik Harvey and Lorna Slater are controlled by the SNP government.

The proposal must first be approved by the Scottish Parliament before it can be implemented.

As long as no SNP MSP goes against the government, it will get this approval because the two Green MSPs who are now members of the government will need to support the government in the vote, SNP votes Take it to 66 and give it a majority.

This calls into question the credibility of Green’s co-leader Patrick Harvey, who recently said the vaccine passport could set a “dangerous precedent for the long term, including people’s civil rights.” Depending on the medical history. ”

If he resigns so soon to support the government, what else will the Green Leaders leave for two junior ministerial posts?

His choice is either to vote for something he does not believe in or to stay away from a minor role in government because the price is too high.

Probably the other opposition parties will vote against it. Liberal Democrats are already opposing it on the basis of civil liberties.

The government has not tried to make vaccination mandatory, but the latest move is not far off.

This is especially true of young people, who are less likely to be vaccinated.

Still, three-quarters of 18-29 year olds have done the first thing and you’d expect to get both doses.

Vaccination is so high that public health officials say it is much higher than they expected at the start of the rollout last year.

The Vaccine Passport scheme is telling young people that if they do not follow the government’s advice, they will be deprived of the benefits that the rest of the country has recently received.

Encouraging people to get vaccinated for their own health and the health of others is one thing.

Forcing people or forcing them to take away their liberties is another thing that others can enjoy.

And forcing people to reject certain freedoms or rights as users is coercion.

But is it proportionate and necessary because we are still dealing with the virus epidemic?

The population has complied with unimaginable restrictions to restore normalcy.

Even with the recent relaxation, normalcy is far away.

How much control would the government have over our lives and for how long?

Will we have to accept the vaccine passport again as another control for freedom in the future or is it a step too far?

At some point, government control over liberties has to be pushed back, not further.

Is that time now and if not now when?

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