October 21, 2021

Iran resumes commercial flights to Afghanistan


Iran on Wednesday resumed commercial flights to neighboring Afghanistan, where the Taliban took control last month.

“Today, Mahan Air took passengers between Mashhad and Kabul airport,” the Fars news agency quoted him as saying. IranThe second largest city in the Northeast, and افغان۔ The capital

The plane is currently returning to Mashhad with passengers.

It was the first flight between the two countries since the Taliban returned to power August 15.

The Iranian Civil Aviation Agency announced a flight to Kabul on August 16 for security reasons.

Earlier, Mahan Air operated two flights a week between Mashhad and Kabul.

Iran’s second-largest airline, Mahan Air, has been on the blacklist of companies targeted by US sanctions against Iran since 2011.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the Islamic Republic hosts more than 3.46 million Afghans, most of whom are refugees or illegal immigrants, representing more than 4% of Iran’s population.



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