September 18, 2021

Inter-Afghan dialogue through Georges Lefebvre (Le Monde Diplomatic) is the best way to stabilize.

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Hakimullah Mehsud, Deputy Commander of the Pakistani Taliban, Mamozai, Pakistan, November 2008.

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W.the chicken Joe Biden, who announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on April 14, said of Donald Trump’s 2020 Doha Agreement, “Maybe it’s not what I negotiated myself, but it was an agreement that The US government did, and it means something. ”Trump not only accepted all of the Taliban’s demands, but also agreed to a paragraph asking the United States to ratify the agreement with the UN Security Council. It did so with Resolution 2513, passed unanimously on March 10, 2020.

Biden had to abide by the letter’s agreement. The Taliban needed this before launching a campaign to recapture their territory, so fast that when they recaptured Kabul, the United States ordered the evacuation of its embassy staff and other people working with it. Far from complete. The evacuation, by that time systematically, turned into a route at the airport with (sometimes fatal) scenes of panic. Still, Kabul remained calm. On August 19, the Independence Day celebrations resumed as usual, and the Shia Ashura processions on that day were without incident.

The Taliban’s focus is purely on Afghanistan. He wants international recognition, and sees Russia as his best lawyer.

Although the United States has lost its political weight, most of the other countries have vacated their embassies, while Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey have remained open and fully active.

Afghanistan’s future now unfolds in a complex web of alliances and mistrust at the regional level: Afghanistan and Pakistan have traded insults. China is trying to calm them down. Russia and Iran are in talks with the Taliban, as well as the High Council for National Reconciliation. India is waiting to see what happens.

Russia is now a regional actor.

Russia has been here before: it arranged bilateral meetings between the Taliban and government Afghan delegations in November 2018 and February 2019, in which the Taliban said they[…]

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(3.) In memory of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet, by Shia Muslims The Taliban are Sunnis.

(7.) ‘Taliban: New government to be announced soon’, TOLOnews, 22 August 2021.

(9.) In 1893, Sir Henry Mortimer Durand prepared to separate British India from the tumultuous Afghanistan. See Georges Lefebvre, ‘Afghanistan’s future lies in its past.‘, The diplomatic world, English edition, October 2010.

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