October 17, 2021

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook downloads: What’s wrong with the 5xx server?

Social media companies. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.p has reportedly crashed with users reporting issues on the platforms.

According to Bottom detector Reports of the problems began at around 4:45 a.m. Thursday.

The cause of the problems surrounding the three companies owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is still unknown.

What is 5xx server error?

Instagram users have reported seeing a message showing a 5xx server error message.

A 5xx code means the problem was caused by an issue with the server.

The error usually occurs when the server fails to meet the user’s request and will continue to do so until the server administration investigates the issue.

It is also important to note that most of the time, a chain of servers handles the HTTP request, so that it is not your server that is returning the error.

More than 600 reports were detected from 15 minutes to 4.45 pm, according to the website Down Detector.

Is WhatsApp closed?

DownDector saw a sharp increase in reported issues from around 4pm on Monday afternoon.

43 reports Reports suggest issues with server connections while app (31) and messaging (26)) are other issues that users report.

Is Instagram down?

Users began reporting with DownDector on Instagram around 4pm on Monday.

50% of the reported issues were app-related, while server connection (27%) and website (23%) were other issues.

Is Facebook closed today?

Once again, users started reporting issues around 4pm on Monday, with 78% of the reports being linked to the website.

12 reports were connected to the app while 10 reports were connected to the server connection.

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