October 25, 2021

Inside the ‘World’s First Bitcoin Rehab Clinic’ where traders who have lost millions fight the addiction of corrupt currency

A rehab clinic in Scotland claims to be the world’s first to treat cryptocurrency addiction.

Admission to a private hospital in Pebbleshire, near Castle Craig, Edinburgh, has seen a 10% increase in bitcoin addicts last year.

A rehabilitation clinic in Scotland is treating people addicted to cryptocurrencies.


A rehabilitation clinic in Scotland is treating people addicted to cryptocurrencies.Credit: Reuters
Castle Craig has seen an increase in the number of bitcoin addicts in recent years.


Castle Craig has seen an increase in the number of bitcoin addicts in recent years.Credit: castlecraig.co.uk/

The clinic is overseen by therapist Tony Marini, who claims to be the first doctor to acknowledge that cryptocurrency trading is like gambling.

He says most addicts occasionally start trading before repeated victories fulfill dopamine cravings and dreams of making millions.

However, such habitual behavior where consumers can lose large sums of money can lead to disaster and suicide.

Tony told Decrypt: “If you tell someone you’re corrupt, you’re gambling sometimes, they’re going, no, I’m not.”

“So take out the word gambling and say ‘sometimes trade’.

Tony’s patients once started trading in corrupt currencies while working in finance.

He says that due to intoxication, this person steals more than 1 million m of his company’s money.

Physicians say bitcoin addicts are often addicted to drugs and alcohol.

He said: “Usually, people start because they want to buy things from the Dark Web. And the only way to do that is with cryptocurrency.

“The biggest problem is cross-addiction. [with crypto] Getting started with drugs and alcohol.

Since 2017, Tony has treated 15 people who are addicted to corruption.

He says most people go to the clinic for drugs or alcohol, but “their treatment often obscures other behavioral obsessions and the most important of these is corruption.”

Tony says about nine of his patients, who are being treated at an 18th-century country house, are accustomed to online commerce.

He says they are usually between the ages of 20 and 45 and have a little extra cash when they start succumbing to corruption.

From 2017 and 2019, Tony claims that Castle Craig is the only facility in the world that was treating cryptocurrency addiction.

Consumers travel to the United States, Dubai, Malta and the Netherlands for treatment at the clinic.

Tony says many of the stories about the bitcoin are about the people who made the fortune – and not about the merchants who gambled their lives.

“We are not hearing about people who have lost a lot of money. People are very embarrassed. They feel very guilty. They don’t want to talk about it,” he said.

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