Inside Putin’s £500 million superyacht with a pool that becomes a dance floor, a huge home theater and even a GOLD toilet roll holder.

The hideous luxury that Vladimir Putin enjoyed aboard his £500 million superyacht was revealed in The Sun today, including gaudy gold toilet roll holders.

Crazy Vlad, whose forces are bombing women and children in Ukraine, spared no expense on a six-deck Scheherazade.


The official cost of Vladimir Putin’s superyacht “Scheherazade” may be close to a billion dollarsCredit: Tom van Ossanen.
The Superyacht Is Adorned With Gaudy Gold Toilet Roll Holders.


The superyacht is adorned with gaudy gold toilet roll holders.
In The Living Room You Can See A Piano And Soft Sofas.


In the living room you can see a piano and soft sofas.

Italy, where the yacht is anchored, is under pressure to confiscate and sell it to Ukrainians.

A former crew member said: “The Russian people paid for this. Putin needs to get his head off this golden throne.”

Scheherazade’s official cost when it was completed two years ago was £500m, but insiders say it could be closer to £750m.

Images obtained by The Sun show six decks of obscene luxury and sickening excess.

Putin'S Luxurious Selection Includes A £10,000 Coat And A Collection Of Luxury Watches.
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A worker who helped build it said, “Every surface is marble or gold. There are countless pools, spa, sauna, theater, ballrooms, gym, two heliports. It’s like a mini city.

“There is even a hospital, which makes sense when you hear rumors about Putin’s terminal illness.

“It is hard to swallow the fact that the most incredible ship in the world belongs to a man who intends to bomb civilians in Ukraine.

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“And it’s unimaginable wealth when the average salary of a Russian is £5,000 a year, and people there barely eat.”

Since September 2020, the 459-foot floating palace, named after the legendary Persian queen, has been moored at Marina di Carrara in Italy.

Rumors that the yacht belongs to Putin have been circulating since its construction.

But his ownership was not investigated until Monday, when the team of imprisoned Putin critic Alexei Navalny released a video detailing the crew, all said to belong to Russian security services.

Italian authorities have called for the confiscation of the yacht. They say that a separate European crew is allowed on board only in the absence of Putin.

The personal touches of the despot are evident in the judo hall, which is adorned with photos of black belts.

Books show Putin’s obsession with wealth, including Michaela Noroc’s Beauty Atlas, Kyoto Costume Institute’s History of Fashion, and Hans-Michael Ketzle’s Photo Icons.

The tiled dance floor descends to become a pool. It is believed that this is one of two ships in the world – the second is on Putin’s yacht “Greysful”.

Other delights include a self-leveling pool table, a 5m aquarium and the biggest TV on the yacht, stretching 4.5m full wall and costing a million euros to install.

The bathrooms are decorated with gold toilet roll holders and faucets.

Mad Vlad Did Not Spare Money For The Six-Deck


Mad Vlad did not spare money for the six-deck “Scheherazade”1 credit
The Tiled Dance Floor Descends To Become A Pool


The tiled dance floor descends to become a pool
The Floor Is Considered One Of Two In The World - The Second On Another Putin'S Yacht Graceful.


The floor is considered one of two in the world – the second on another Putin’s yacht Graceful.
Other Delights Include A Self-Levelling Pool Table, A Five Meter Aquarium And The Largest Tv Ever Built On A Yacht.


Other delights include a self-levelling pool table, a five meter aquarium and the largest TV ever built on a yacht.
Tm Graphic Putin Yacht V2 1


But it is clear that the vessel of Mad Vlad is intended not only for pleasure.

It boasts two helipads capable of receiving 16-foot military helicopters.

The ship’s sophisticated security system, with four radars, is said to be capable of shooting down drones.

Under one of the helipads, there is a hangar large enough to store a helicopter along with six jet skis, five tenders and eight seabobs.

A former crew member added: “Yachts owned by oligarchs are being arrested all over the world, but the Scheherazade is sitting in plain sight in a marina in Italy. It just doesn’t feel right.”

Flight details obtained by Navalny’s team reportedly show the Russian crew flying together to Milan, one of the closest airports in northwest Italy.

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They believe that the crew visited the port to monitor the ship.

Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat told The Sun last night: “Putin’s pampered naval palace has been launched with money stolen from the Russian people and is now floating over the Italian Riviera, showing us all the actions we need to take.”

Chic Dining On A Superyacht


Chic dining on a superyacht
The Yacht Has A Jacuzzi And A Swimming Pool With An Inflatable Slide.


The yacht has a jacuzzi and a swimming pool with an inflatable slide.
Italian Authorities Have Called For The Confiscation Of The Yacht.


Italian authorities have called for the confiscation of the yacht.
The Tyrant'S Personal Notes Are Evident In The Judo Gym, Where Photographs Of Black Belts Are Inserted.


The tyrant’s personal notes are evident in the judo gym, where photographs of black belts are inserted.
Views From Scheherazade


Views from Scheherazade
The Former Crew Member Wants The Yacht Anchored In Italy To Be Confiscated And Sold, And The Profits Given To The Ukrainians


The former crew member wants the yacht anchored in Italy to be confiscated and sold, and the profits given to the Ukrainians
Chandelier On An Inexpensive Superyacht


Chandelier on an inexpensive superyacht
Since September 2020, The 459-Foot Floating Palace, Named After The Legendary Persian Queen, Has Been Moored At Marina Di Carrara In Italy.


Since September 2020, the 459-foot floating palace, named after the legendary Persian queen, has been moored at Marina di Carrara in Italy.
They Say That A Separate European Crew Is Allowed On Board Only In The Absence Of Putin.


They say that a separate European crew is allowed on board only in the absence of Putin.Credit: Sun

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