Inside Ozil’s multi-million dollar business empire, from his own shoe brand, cafe and football club with Eva Longoria

On the side of MESUTA OZIL, James Bond and a license to kill.

Former Arsenal star Ozil is building an incredible business empire that would fit in any 007 blockbuster.


Ozil owns a chain of coffee shops1 credit
The German Is Set To Open His Next Coffee Shop In Qatar Ahead Of This Year'S World Cup.


The German is set to open his next coffee shop in Qatar ahead of this year’s World Cup.1 credit
Özil Teamed Up With Longoria And Bought Shares In Mexican Football Club Necaxa Last Year.


Özil teamed up with Longoria and bought shares in Mexican football club Necaxa last year.1 credit

The German World Cup winner is about to become the first professional footballer to launch his own boot brand.

He runs his M10 streetwear firm and esports team, has a huge real estate portfolio, and boasts stakes in COSMETICS and a Mexican football club.

Ozil also owns a chain of coffee houses, a nutritional supplement laboratory, a sports clinic, and has a licensing agreement with the SOCK factory.

And he’s about to release his own MONEY that’s sure to surprise entrepreneur kings Jeff Besos, Richard Branson and Alan Sugar.

But it was the meeting with Bond, James Bond, that gave him the opportunity to meet sportswear giants Nike, Adidas and Puma and could rock their part of the lucrative leisurewear business.

Ozil met famed American streetwear designer Bond (not an MI6 secret agent) in Los Angeles just after winning the 2014 World Cup.


In an exclusive interview with SunSport, Ozil’s agent Erkut Sogut said: “It’s great that James Bond is developing his own brand.

“A friend from a football agency in America introduced us and we had several Zoom and Facetime calls and then meetings before the launch of the Ozil M10 brand in 2015.

“Creating and growing your own brand while you’re still an athlete can be difficult.

“But Mark M10 in its first year, the company’s turnover was over £1 million.

“Mesut has founded his own esports team with a purpose-built training center in Düsseldorf and is now launching his own football boots.”

Özil, who joined Turkish club Fenerbahçe after agreeing to terminate his whopping £350,000-a-week contract with the Gunners a year ago, wore the prototype to matches.

Özil Moved To Fenerbahce After The Termination Of The Contract With Arsenal.


Özil moved to Fenerbahce after the termination of the contract with Arsenal.1 credit

But now he is ready to start selling finished shoes to the world.

He became the global creative director for football at Concave Asia and the shoes will be manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Indonesia near Jakarta.

Sogut added: “Mesut is involved in designing how the M10 boots should look, feel and perform. He will make money on every pair sold.

“Initially, they will be sold in 14 countries in Southeast Asia. Negotiations are underway to sell them in Europe and then around the world.”

The boots will cost between £22 and £225 and Sogut hopes they will be as successful as Nike’s famous Air Jordan line.

Özil’s latest sponsored £22 million contract with Adidas expired in 2020.

Ozil'S £22 Million Contract With Adidas Expired In 2020.


Ozil’s £22 million contract with Adidas expired in 2020.Credit: Dr. Erkut Sogut.

And Sogut said: “We want to compete with Adidas, Nike and Puma. Instead of promoting their brands, he created his own.”

T-shirts, caps, tracksuits, sneakers and M10 sweatshirts will be produced at a factory in Indonesia, and Sogut predicts shoe sales in the first year could net Ozil over £1.5 million.

Özil, 33, also licensed his brand to Italian brothers Alberto and Nicola Franceschi, who founded their high-end sneaker company Hide & Jack in 2014.

The company is now selling Ozil’s “Wizard” shoes, designed to commemorate his stunning solo goal in the 2016 Champions League for Arsenal against Ludogorets, along with a personal message from the player.

In addition, Ozil has another lucrative licensing deal with Austrian company Tapedesign, which makes football socks with special rubber soles worn by dozens of Premier League players.

Last year, he also bought shares in the Mexican football club Necaxa, along with Hollywood A-lister Eva Longoria and model Kate Upton.

The Ozil Brand Sells T-Shirts, Caps, Tracksuits, Sneakers And M10 Sweatshirts.


The Ozil brand sells T-shirts, caps, tracksuits, sneakers and M10 sweatshirts.Credit: Dr. Erkut Sogut.

Sogut added: “I am personally acquainted with the American owners of the club, which is why I negotiated this deal for Mesut.

“The stock is now three times more expensive than when he bought it. It was a very smart investment.

“There are plans to own more clubs in South America and he wants to buy shares in clubs around the world.

But not Arsenal! They are too expensive.”

Ozil’s 39 Steps coffee business is also expanding and he is set to open his next store in Qatar ahead of this year’s World Cup.

He is also a London Sports Clinic partner with former Arsenal physios Gary and Colin Levine, former Gunners teammate Aaron Ramsey and former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Ozil Is Also A Partner At The London Sports Clinic.


Ozil is also a partner at the London Sports Clinic.Credit: Dr. Erkut Sogut.

He also runs the hugely successful Unity nutritional supplement lab with fellow former shooter Mathieu Flamini.

However, Ozil’s most surprising line of business is cosmetics, where he holds shares in CTZN, a unisex cosmetics company founded by American-born sisters Alina, Aliza and Nasiha Khan, who operate in London and Dubai.

CTZN specializes in products for Asian and Middle Eastern skin tones, and Sogut stated, “Not many people know that Mesut has a successful cosmetics business!”

Ozil has a huge real estate portfolio, including homes in Germany, Turkey and England.

He now rents a luxurious mansion in Hampstead, where he lived when he worked at Arsenal.

Sogut added: “Mesut’s expanding business empire is a message to other players about what you can do as you near the end of your playing career.

Former Ace In Cosmetics


Former ace in cosmeticsCredit: Dr. Erkut Sogut.

“But his business helps fund his charitable work.

“He gives a percentage of everything he earns to charity. He has been working with the German charity Big Shoe since 2010, helping to fund life-saving surgeries for sick children from underprivileged families around the world.

“Last week he gave another £100,000 towards surgery. In all the time I worked with him, he never once said no to charity.

“Every year he gives away millions. He believes that if he gives a lot, he will get a lot, that’s his mentality.”

His next donation could be in crypto as he launches his own NFT (non-fungible token).

Sogut said: “We are working on the M10 digital coin. This is our big 2022 project and we hope to launch it this year. This means that fans can buy Mesut’s products with his own coins in his own ecosystem.

Ozil Launches Its Own Nft


Ozil launches its own NFTCredit: Dr. Erkut Sogut.

“With these coins, you will also buy Mesut’s second-hand boots, seats in his executive box, birthday greetings, and even the chance to meet him.

“He will earn a lot more from his business empire than from his football career.”

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