Inside Jesé Rodriguez’s four-story “Stoke Flop” mansion with swimming pool, children’s obstacle course and bed “big enough for 10”

STOKE failure Fiancée Jesé Rodriguez opened the doors of her luxury home in Gran Canaria and showed off “a bed big enough for 10” where they revived their soap opera love affair.

Former Real Madrid and PSG star Jesé Rodríguez, now playing for Spain’s second-division side Las Palmas, got down on one knee during the Christmas break to propose to Aura Ruiz despite filing for her four years ago. sued for harassment.


Bride Jesé Rodriguez showed a behind-the-scenes look at their luxurious home.Credit: Instagram @jeserodriguez10
Model Aura Takes An Online Tour Of The Four-Story Mansion They Call Home


Model Aura takes an online tour of the four-story mansion they call home1 credit
She Showed Off A Couple'S Bed That'S 'Large Enough For 10'


She showed off a couple’s bed that’s ‘large enough for 10’1 credit
The 32-Year-Old Also Has A Children'S Garden Obstacle Course For Their Children.


The 32-year-old also has a children’s garden obstacle course for their children.1 credit

Model Aura, 32, has taken fans into the most intimate aspects of her life by offering an online tour of the four-story mansion they call home.

Her tour of the luxury home culminated in a pretty brunette pointing at the camera and saying, “This is a huge bed and I think many of you have never seen such a big bed because it is big enough for 10 people. This bed is incredible.”

Sitting on the king-size bed, she fiddled with the remote control that opened the blinds on the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the capital of Gran Canaria and the Atlantic Ocean in the background, she continued: “This is the view I see when I wake up in the morning. The views are just incredible.”

The mother of one, whose partner has five children from various relationships, including a model he dated while fighting his future fiancee, began her tour of the house from the pool and garden, which has a cold tub, where Jeze relaxes. his tired muscles from matches and hot tubs before moving on to the playground with a trampoline and children’s obstacle course.

The influencer also showed fans the playroom of the couple’s four-year-old son Ryan and the room where Jesy, who is also a musician, announced his solo career as Jey M in 2015 after forming a reggaeton band with a friend and releasing two singles. on YouTube hones his voice.

She began her 13-minute tour, divided into two parts, by saying, “I know you’ll love this video because you’re very curious and this is what people have been asking me to do for a while, so this is a popular video.” . demand. I want to share every corner of my house with you.”


And after showing off the couple’s massive bed, she acknowledged that life isn’t all about flowers and romance, directing a cameraman to their bedroom kitchen, where she prepares milk for their son when he can’t sleep at night.

Jeze, who shocked the world with his romantic proposal to Aura, was not featured in the footage his girlfriend aired on her Mtmad “Original Aurah” channel.

The 28-year-old former Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain star got down on one knee inside a red heart painted on the floor while on a romantic getaway with Aura in Dubai.

The shocking offer comes just four months after the footballer, now a striker for Spanish second-division club Las Palmas, was at the center of bizarre allegations, 32-year-old Aura, that she tried to run her man over after a row.

Jeze told his two million Instagram followers that pretty brunette Aura’s response to his marriage proposal was “Yes.”

In a lengthy message, along with pictures he posted of him proposing on a bed of red roses with a violinist playing in the background before hugging his future bride inside a heart-shaped circle, the attacker wrote, “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. These words were the answer to the question I thought about most in my life, and your answer, my baby. This is the beginning of everything.

“I really wanted to shout to the world that the love of my life wants to be with me, forever, and we will not just be “her or me”, but very soon we will be.

Calling Aura “the compass that guides me and the master of my destiny,” Jeze added, clearly alluding to the problems they faced during their headline romance: “I could write many more things, but I’d rather we experienced them together, and in the future we can write a book in which we will tell how true love can conquer everything and everyone.

“Love always wins. I love you, I adore you, my treasure. Together forever.”

Aura responded on her Instagram, “I really don’t have words to express what I really feel.

“And you know perfectly well what it is, and it’s the only thing that matters.” I love you.”

Also confirming that she accepted the marriage proposal of a football player, she signed, writing: “Yes, I accept.”

She Revealed The Intimate Aspects Of Their Lives From A Four-Story Mansion In Gran Canaria.


She revealed the intimate aspects of their lives from a four-story mansion in Gran Canaria.1 credit
The Social Media Influencer'S Video Tour Lasted 13 Minutes.


The social media influencer’s video tour lasted 13 minutes.1 credit
Aura Began Her Tour Of The House From The Pool And Garden.


Aura began her tour of the house from the pool and garden.1 credit
Jeze Got Down On One Knee During A Romantic Getaway With Aura In Dubai.


Jeze got down on one knee during a romantic getaway with Aura in Dubai.Credit: Instagram @jeserodriguez10

Jesé’s ugly split with Aura, who became a household name on the Spanish dating TV show, made headlines while he was at Stoke in a disappointing loan spell between August 2017 and May 2018.

He scored just one goal in 13 games in a period marked by his regular returns to Spain after his son with Aura was diagnosed with a serious illness.

Aura accused him of letting her down in a fight to help Ryan regain full health while he was in a hospital in Gran Canaria, and he ended up reporting the harassment.

His shocking lawsuit ended with the headline-loving brunette being convicted in December 2020, despite the couple having reunited a few months earlier.

At the time of her conviction, Aura was told that after reaching an agreement with Jeze, she would have to do nine days of community service.

The couple left the hall holding hands before saying goodbye with a kiss and a hug.

After their decision to rekindle their relationship, Jesy became a father for the fifth time with a model he dated while fighting Aura.

The footballer, whose fall from a meteoric La Liga star career with Real Madrid has been linked to injury and his off-pitch partying, already had two children with a woman he was with before he met and started dating his future. wife.

Their wedding date has yet to be announced, but Heze and Aura have already confirmed that they are planning to get married in their home island of Gran Canaria.

Earlier this month, Aura told fans, “This is my island, so I will get married here. We are going to celebrate it at home and Jeze agrees.

“The wedding will be in a place where no one has ever married.”

The couple also revealed that when they tie the knot, their son will be wearing a mini version of what his father would wear on that special day.

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