Inside Gemma Collins’ “first family vacation” with her fiancé and stepson as she undresses to jump into the pool with Rami

SMITTEN Gemma Collins looks happier than ever on her “first family vacation” with fiancé Rami and her stepson Tristan.

The recently engaged star shared her sunny getaway with fans.


Gemma Collins can’t stop smiling on her second day of vacation in Spain with fiancé Rami and stepson Tristan.
A Confident Gemma Brags About Her Four-Stone Weight Loss In Instagram Videos.


A confident Gemma brags about her four-stone weight loss in Instagram videos.
The Startled Star Filmed Yesterday'S Dinner Of Pasta With Seafood And Grilled Meat.


The startled star filmed yesterday’s dinner of pasta with seafood and grilled meat.
The Couple Recently Got Engaged And Are Planning A Modest Wedding.


The couple recently got engaged and are planning a modest wedding.

Last night, the 41-year-old former TOWIE star displayed a peace sign in the departure lounge at London Stansted Airport, looking beach-ready in a flowy white blouse and black print wide leg trousers.

Gemma told fans that this was her first vacation with Rami as “family”, referring to Tristan joining the couple overseas for the first time.

And in a cute showcase, Gemma is crazy about the adorable little one while the trio take a dip in their hotel’s huge pool.

In another shot, Rami is seen kissing Gemma tenderly as she leans towards him with one hand resting on Tristan’s stroller.

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Gemma enthuses: “Such a beautiful day 🦩 🦩”

She didn’t look at Rami last night either, filming his best “daddy dance” after they had a seafood feast.

Leaving fans in no doubt about her feelings for Rami, today she made another video of him relaxing in the pool today and graced it with kisses.

The star was also seen kissing Tristan on the lips, cutely showing off their amazing bond.

Gemma recently shared her first Instagram photo of her baby as she took him for a walk in the park.

It came shortly after the star revealed she was looking into IVF after struggling to conceive with Rami.

She shared at the time, “Now I really want a baby, I haven’t used any contraceptives. I can’t get pregnant, so now I need to muster up the courage to figure it out myself. Sometimes it seems that… when will this happen? Why me?”

Gemma and Rami first met in 2011, enjoyed an affair for three years until they broke up in 2014.

They got engaged in 2013 when he proposed by hiding a diamond ring in Christmas pudding.

They briefly reunited in 2017, but soon after, Gemma returned to James Argent. However, last year she broke up with this rocky relationship.

Last April, it was revealed that Gemma and Rami had been secretly dating for six months and he had greeted his son since their last breakup.

Asked if their relationship got better the second time around, Gemma added: “You know what, I think I’m older now and things have changed for him.

“I think it’s better the second time because no offense — people have always said that I was desperate for a baby.

“Imagine it. I’ve been busy building my empire and I think I’ve gotten to this stage and now I can fully commit myself to relationships and I can fully commit myself. This is the one. I will marry Rami.”

Last Christmas, Gemma opened up about her intimacy with Tristan’s rarely seen mom.

She uploaded an adorable image to her Instagram page of tanning clinic founder Fernanda Mess dancing in her living room.

Due To 21C It'S Hotter Here Than In Barcelona, ​​But It Could Snow In A Few Days
Carl Woods

In a blue patterned dress and dark tights, she poses at a dinner table set for a festive meal.

Diva Forever star Gemma added the caption, “Tristan’s beautiful mom,” before tagging her account.

Gemma Wore An Orange Swimsuit For Her Day At The Pool.


Gemma wore an orange swimsuit for her day at the pool.
Today Gemma Was Blowing Kisses To Rami In The Pool.


Today Gemma was blowing kisses to Rami in the pool.
Gemma Impressed With Her Weight Loss In Recent Pictures


Gemma impressed with her weight loss in recent picturesCredit: see signature

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