September 25, 2021

Inside Emerald, the life of Jerry Roberts actor Sean Thomas is now with the amazing characters of Hollywood.

Emerald fans were heartbroken when their favorite character, Gary Roberts, was assassinated in 2018.

But fortunately for fans of soap actor Sean Thomas – this was not his last appearance on screen on his way to Hollywood.

The star walked the red carpet of Hollywood.


The star walked the red carpet of Hollywood.Credit: Getty
Sean has also acted in TV comedies and movies.


Sean has also acted in TV comedies and movies.Credit: BBC

Sean, 24, who has played Jerry in Emerald since 2017, was assassinated by his former friend and cellmate Matt Lachlan White.

After becoming friends on screen with Liv Flaherty, he became a strong favorite – but sadly, his story took a devastating turn.

Gary was assassinated by Lachlan when he learned that the teen had arranged for the deaths of his mother, Chrissy, and his grandfather, Lawrence.

Although the fans were devastated by his departure from the soap at the time, it did not stop Shaun’s career from going strong.

From starring in Hollywood to working in a different soap, the actor has been here since he left the ITV screens.

Moved by Jerry

Sean was left so shocked and upset that in such a short time, Jerry was hit on the most popular soap.

But he revealed that his duration was longer than expected, as he would only appear in two episodes when he joined the cast.

After filming prison scenes with Lachlan, Sean explained at the time that he was staying for 18 months as a new character.

He admitted: “It was a shock because I only came here for two episodes with Lachlan in prison scenes, and then I stayed here for a year and a half.

“So I’ve really gotten into the habit of being around everyone and connecting with everyone. And then to say it’s going to end, it was quite annoying.”

The star added that if he could, he would stay on the show, but sadly, his character was not given a chance at long distances.

Towards the red carpet.

Prior to Emerald, the actor was known for his teenage roles in Miss Peregrine’s House of Strange Children.

He played Dylan, a young batsman, alongside Juvenile Dench, Samuel L. Jackson and Asa Butterfield.

Sean’s acting career took off after Emerald, who starred in the upcoming comedy series Ladd.

He photographed Tom Craig in twelve episodes of the show from 2019 to 2021, regularly promoting his role in the show on his social media.

This year, Sean also starred in the drama film Ali & Ava – which is set to release next year – as a columnist, the son of a major character.

This is not the only film he has starred in, he has acted in Brothers Gramsby and The Sailfish Giant as well as in the crime drama WPC56.

The star also appeared in another soap – which appeared earlier this year in an episode of the BBC drama Bruno Wilding as a casualty.

Scooping Awards.

Sean’s TV and film credits are one thing to note his abilities – but his list of awards is another, noting his incredible acting ability.

In 2014, he was acclaimed for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Lost Weekend, The Selfish Giant at the Film Club.

He also picked up the award for Best British Newcomer with Connor Chapman at the London Film Festival.

Sean has also been nominated for three other awards for his performance in The Selfish Giant, which aired on Film 4.

Celebrity Pals and Costars.

Along the way, Sean has made many celebrity friends – especially in the form of co-stars in Emerald’s own soap.

Many Emerald stars follow him on Twitter, including Mark Charnock as Marilyn Dingle and Amy Walsh as Tracy Metcalfe.

His former on-screen best friend Liv Flaherty – played by Isobel Steele – still follows the star on various forms of social media.

Sean’s co-stars are often full of admiration for his acting skills – with James Hutton, who plays Sam Dingle on Emerald, giving him a heartfelt message when he left the show.

“It’s a shame to lose a charismatic young talent like Sean Thomas, who is happy to work with and happy to be around.” He wrote on Twitter.

“I’m looking forward to looking forward to his career! Football needs to work on tracking him.”

Former Emerald Star Adam Thomas, who played Adam Barton, congratulated Sean on his performance and wished him well.

He wrote, “The world is yours, congratulations on what you have achieved so far, my man.” “Now the fun begins! Good luck to you all.”

Coronation Street star Andy Wyment was also devastated by Jerry’s soapy death – saying he was “disgusted” to say goodbye to him.

Emerald airs on ITV on Saturdays at 7 p.m.

Sean rose to prominence at Emerald - before moving to 2018.


Sean rose to prominence at Emerald – before moving to 2018.Credit: ITV
Thanks to the soap, the star has many celebrities.


Thanks to the soap, the star has many celebrities.Credit: Twitter
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