September 18, 2021

In Glasgow, ‘leather’ Republican marchers appeared in court.

A football fan shouted that he was going to “skin” everyone who attended the Republican Memorial March in Glasgow.

On January 25 last year, West Scotland In Scotland, the Republican march organization Band Alliance held “Bloody Sunday Memorial” in all parts of the city.

Twenty-six-year-old Brian Hood, described in court as “wearing anti-march football,” was in Galloway as the ceremony drew to a close.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Sheriff’s Court heard that there were “a large number of protesters” as well as dozens of police officers.

Prosecutor Lorraine Ram Sangre said: “The accused was present. He was enraged and was told to move away from the area. Stage He started screaming and swearing.

“He said, ‘I don’t give AF **, I’m here to skin each of them. They’re all f ***** g paedos’ and similar phrases.”

Hood was warned and charged and no response was received.

The Glasgow Times had earlier reported that a large contingent of police was present due to the disruption of the march by the protesters.

On March, we reported how small fights and violent scenes erupted when a group of 50 strong loyalists emerged.

In court, Hood’s lawyer explained that his client had changed his life since then.

Glasgow Times:

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“In April 2020, he was given full responsibility for his children, and it changed his life completely. He no longer drinks alcohol.

“He has an outstanding case. The charge dates back to February last year. There has been no further insult since then.”

Sheriff Valerie Mess told Hood: “Obviously things have changed. I’ll put you on a contrived sentence to give you some more support. If things get better in a few months, we’ll have a Can draw a line

“You clearly realize that this is unacceptable behavior. You know you need to stay calm and that your children are your priority.

Hood was scheduled to appear in court for four months.

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