September 18, 2021

In gaming activation, workers treat women

Workers at video game giant Equilibrium Blizzard walked out on Wednesday in protest of sexism and harassment when a call to boycott hit titles such as “Call of Duty” and “Candy Crush” went online.

The protest at California’s Air Wine Activation Campus came as the company promised a far-reaching review of its workplace practices.

About 200 people, some waving signs, gathered in the shade of trees clinging to a driveway on campus. Honors in support of passing cars.

To activate
Activation Blizzard employees call for protest over allegations of discrimination and harassment against female crew members Photo: GETTY Images North America / Kirk Jansezian

Symbolic messages include “Women’s Voice Matters” and “Play Nice Play Fair”.

Protesters also wrote messages on pieces of paper hanging from a tree and between the tents.

Following a lawsuit to reclaim a highly toxic workspace as a result of a state lawsuit, gaming giant employees have called for protests and a halt to work by remote workers.

In a Twitter chapter about the protests, accountant Jack Eddie Corp. added a list of activation billiards games so that people would boycott them in support of angry employees.

To activate
Pictures of game Skyland giants shown on a large screen on Equinox on the second day of the 2012 E3 videogame Extravaganza: AFP / Frederick J. Brown

The protest sparked a public outcry on social media in response to the latest revelations about the toxic workplace in the gaming sector and elsewhere.

Twitter user Elvira wrote, “Expressing solidarity with #ActiBlizzWalkout and all those who are working hard to bring about positive change in the gaming industry.”

“It’s amazing how often we hear about the abuse that women face in this industry.”

Activation Blizzard employees
Blizzard employees in Equation demonstrated in Irvine, California, demanding better treatment and an end to harassment arbitration in harassment cases against female employees. Photo: AFP / David MC News

Ahead of the walkout, Chief Executive Bobby Kotak issued a statement to his staff acknowledging that the company’s initial response was “fairly clear, deaf”.

“Anyone who interferes with the integrity of our process to investigate claims and deliver appropriate results will be removed,” he said.

The company behind “Call of Duty” and “World of Warcraft” is facing a civil lawsuit in California over claims that it violated state laws because it “promoted a sexist culture and Women are paid less than men. “

To activate
Employees of the video game company, Equation Blizzard, quit their jobs in protest, and those working from afar were asked to join in the photo. Photo: AFP / David MC News

“I will stand with my friends and colleagues to make their voices heard and call for real change,” the acquisition designer posted on Twitter under the name Zorbrex, using the hashtag #activebullswalkout. ۔

“Together we are stronger than alone.”

According to the organizers, a statement signed by some 2,600 employees called for the elimination of compulsory arbitration in harassment cases, improvement and diversification of recruitment methods and the establishment of an equity task force.

Kotak said in a statement that the Santa Monica-based company would “continue to investigate every allegation of sexism in activation” and would not hesitate to take decisive action. “

Kokik said action-related combatants have been criticized for being removed following complaints from both staff and athletes, while “listening sessions” will be arranged so that staff can “Speak and be allowed to improve areas.”

Equation employees’ workstations at home and in the office continued throughout the working day on Wednesdays, with live programming during lunch hours at the Irvine Campus.

Activists blasted Equation Blizzard’s initial reaction in a letter calling his reaction “disgusting”, alleging numerous sexual and harassment allegations.

According to a legal claim by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, women make up only 20 percent of the activation staff and “very few women reach the top roles in the company.”

It added that “women who play important roles receive lower salaries, incentive pay and total pay than their peers.”

The lawsuit also described widespread misconduct, including male employees who enslaved female co-workers, “talking openly about female bodies, and rape.” Made fun of

Equation Blizzard initially dropped the allegations, saying the lawsuit was “distorted, and in many cases included false, detailed details of Blizzard’s past.”

“In cases of maladministration, action was taken to address the issue,” he said.

The game company said the California government agency “has arrived to file a false complaint, as we will demonstrate in court.”


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