In “Dancing on Ice” the series was “corrected” as they showed the dancing backgrounds of the stars

The ‘Dancing on Ice’ STARS have opened up about their dancing past amid the ongoing ‘fix’ controversy.

Last week, audiences criticized Regan Gascoigne for being the judges’ “favorite” thanks to his dance and theater training.


So far, Regan has performed well in competition.1 credit
There Are Many Professional Dancers In This Series.


There are many professional dancers in this series.1 credit

The son of a football player in childhood preferred ballet flats, and after classes he danced from childhood.

Regan, 26, spoke about his dance training in a 2019 interview with The Mirror, when he joked that he was “practicing pirouettes on the pitch.”

“We used to play sports and play football, but I just pirouetted on the white line on the field,” he joked about his love of dancing.

“Since I could walk, I have always been circling around dancing, putting on little shows for friends and family.

“Dad tells me what he had to do to be successful so I can apply the same to my career. He managed to make his dreams come true.”

Regan enrolled at Hammond Ballet School and studied musical theater at Tring Park School of Performing Arts.

For the past four years, he has been dancing with the Qdos Entertainment troupe.

The star’s training made him a target for Dancing on Ice viewers, who accused the show of allowing professional dancers to participate.

Regan was at the center of a social media controversy last week, where fans of the show said the judges were treating him unfairly with “favor.”

However, he told The Mirror: “It’s different from dancing. It’s so different. Dance on the floor, you have friction, you have stability.

“It’s just that you don’t know how. You hold the body in a completely different way than in the dance. Lifting people is a completely different thing, it’s a completely different skill. Ice is a completely different element.”

Regan isn’t the only one who received dance training before the show – former Pussycat doll Kimberly Wyatt was among them.

Former professional celebrity dancer Brendan Cole, who is well versed in Latin dance, is also among this year’s celebrities.

Following the backlash, figure skater Christopher Dean explained to show host Philip Schofield last week that dancing and skating are “different”.

“First of all, you need to learn how to skate, and this is the biggest obstacle that everyone has to overcome,” he addressed the audience.


Fans of the show were left up in arms after the judges said last week that Ryan Gascoigne was over-reviewed by the judges.

Regan and his professional figure skating partner Karina Manta performed a snake-inspired dance to Ed Sheeran’s hit Shivers.

The usually confident athlete staggered and almost fell three times, but the judges were still impressed with him.

The group gave them 36.5, their highest score to date.

But those comments and ratings baffled ITV viewers, who took to Twitter to complain.

“WHAT happened to the grading tonight? Regan got 9.5 despite 4 misses. Based on the fact that they are deducting 0.5 for a mistake, that means Jane would have given him an 11.5 in the first place! I think he’s great, but HIS blunders were more forgivable than others,” complained one fan.

Another wrote: “Some points, Regan got the same score as Kimberly when she skated amazing and he tripped a few times! The judges have their favorites, it’s so rude too!”

And a third added: “I haven’t even seen Regan skate yet and I’m very, very annoyed that he got a 9.5 even though he almost fell 3 times. Wth!! He is definitely the favorite of the judges.”

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