September 17, 2021

In China, divers dominate Olympic rivals in a world of fear, but they are also cautious.

China’s unwavering dominance over Olympic diving rivals in Tokyo have wondered how they can not only beat them, but also whether the country’s approach is desirable or healthy.

China has more or less wiped out Olympic diving in the last 30 years and although it hopes to win eight gold medals at the Tokyo Games, it could still win seven matches against Rio in 2016.

So far in the epidemic-delayed sports, he has won three of the four diving titles, and the UK has taken the other by surprise.

Chinese divers competing in the Japanese capital regularly talked about his hard work and the country’s sports authorities without going into further detail.

Chinese diving team
Teenagers Chen Yuxi and Zhang Jiaqi showed no nerves in winning another gold medal for China in Tokyo Photo: AFP / Oli Scarf

But after winning the men’s synchronized 3m springboard on Wednesday, Zhi Sei gave far more insight than he intended when he talked about “very boring” training later in the day and with his teammates at the hostel. lived.

Unusually blunt for most Chinese defenders, Xi added: “Every day we go from the hostel to the training center, then we go back to eat, then we go back to training, then we go again. Let’s go to sleep. “

On Tuesday, China easily won the women’s 10m harmonics platform thanks to two teenagers: Chen Yu, 15, and Zhang Jiaqi, 17.

Eden Cheng, who was ranked seventh out of eight for Britain along with teammate Louis Tilson, is slightly older at 18 years old.

Chinese diving team
Zhi Sei and Wang Zhongyan build a gold dive hat trick for China in Tokyo. Photo: AFP / Odd Anderson

Cheng believes that China’s success lies in its training hours. But she has other things to say because she knows her life will not always be a dive.

“I just finished school with my A-level (final school exams) so I’ve been a full-time student as well as diving,” Cheng said.

“For them, they don’t teach much, they focus too much on their game.

“They live in a pond. I’ve been to the national pond where a (Chinese) girl drowns and I’ve seen the facilities and their life.

“It’s nothing compared to what we do in the UK. They’re definitely next-rate.”

Chinese diving team
Chen Yuxi and Zhang Jiaqi of China blew up the opposition in the women’s 10m platform diving. Photo: AFP / Franائسois Xavier Merritt

Other Olympic divers are trying to keep up with the Chinese, he says, because, with the world’s largest population and a strong track record in the sport, China has so many great skills to choose from. Capacity exists.

He also believes that the Chinese have been diving since they were very young.

Teen Olympic champions Chen and Zhang have been divers since the age of four.

“For me, I just feel like a lot of them are really young,” said 22-year-old Delaney Chanel. Chanel started diving at 10 o’clock.

“In the United States, not everyone is young,” he added.

“But their technique is also incredible. They train technique, technique, technique and I think that’s the job that a lot of countries are trying to learn.”

Patrick Housing, who won his third bronze medal for Germany on Wednesday, is a relatively experienced 32-year-old.

He said he had traveled to China several times to compete and always had to deal with how many children were drowning and how good the game was compared to Germany.

“When you see them practicing and the amount of little kids they’re going through, it’s a lot,” Housing said.

But, choosing his word carefully, he is wary of believing that young Chinese divers could be targeted.

“Hard work and discipline, but maybe sometimes under the letter (where) is healthy or where is fine,” he said.

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