September 21, 2021

In a shocking moment, Siegel quickly swallowed a dead RAT in Glasgow Park.

A shocking video shows the moment a dead rat is quickly swallowed in a marine Glasgow park.

The one-minute, 38-second clip, taken at Alexandra Park in the city’s East End, begins with a bird walking down the aisle with a rat in its mouth.

It moves towards the grass before putting the mouse down, but picks it up quickly when another seagull comes and shows interest.

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The seagull is chased away for a while before the rat moves.

At the end of the clip, the rat quickly swallows the bird.

The news came as we reported a video showing insects moving from a park pond to a children’s play area.

A nearby resident then shared Siegel footage with the Glasgow Times, and despite being filmed in June, the man says he encounters rats “almost every day” while walking in green space.

He said: “I walk there every morning and I see them most of the day.

“On Monday, there was a dead rat but it has been lying there for several days because it has all dried up.”

Glasgow City Council He says he is familiar with rats inside the park and has pest control measures in place.

A spokesman added: “Insect control treatments in public places can be difficult to use because baits are a clear threat to other wildlife as well as domestic pets and therefore need to be properly deployed. Should

“In all cases, the rats are looking for food sources and unfortunately the rats are drawn to the feed which is scattered for the birds that also live in the park.

“We urge visitors to the park to limit it as much as possible. the meal They leave for the birds as this will help reduce the visible space for these mice.

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“We have also introduced large litter bins in the park, which has significantly improved litter prevention, and will help reduce the impact of pests in the park.

“We will continue to monitor the situation closely and deploy pest control treatments in a variety of ways to ensure that they are as effective as possible while also protecting other animals.”

Earlier today, we told union leaders and opposition politicians that rats were occupying city parks that had become “no-go zones” for families.

Thomas Kerr, leader of the Conservative group in the city, said: “Parents across Glasgow will be shocked and disgusted to see a packet of rats in Alexandra Park and go to the children’s play area.”

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