October 28, 2021

Improving the clothes you already have without luck.

As temperatures begin to drop after the last balmy weekend of the year, now is the time to think about your winter wardrobe.

But optimizing the clothes you already have can save you luck on the new gear. Here are some tips on how to do it. . .

Improving the clothes you already have can save you luck on new gear.


Improving the clothes you already have can save you luck on new gear.Credit: Getty

Layer: Wear a summer T-shirt and woolen jumpsuit over the vest to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. Don’t be afraid to wear some skinny jeans – skinny cardigans and silk summer bomber jackets can work well when worn under your winter coat.

Take care with nutware: Washing wool often removes clothing and shortens its lifespan. Instead of washing the whole thing, try to clean the stain directly. You can refresh the netware without washing it – just hang it on the washing line or in the steam bathroom. Or put it in a large bag in the freezer overnight. Low temperatures will kill the bacteria that cause the odor.

Exchange store: Exchange coats, cardigans, jumpers and dresses with friends. This is a great way to enhance your winter wardrobe without spending money. Nothing to wear for this big night? Raid your friend’s closet for some new winter clothing items.

True facts: Don’t throw jumpers, cardigans or wool socks that have holes in them – fix them easily yourself. All you need is a thread or knitting wool to match the color, a needle with a needle and a pair of scissors – it’s a five minute job that will help you keep money in your pocket.

Add a personal touch or two: This is great if you want to be creative with your outfit and add personality. Instead of rushing to buy a cardigan this season, work with what you have. You can replace the cardigan’s buttons with new, bold colors of the season, add pieces of fabric to the elbows to make new prints that are popular, or even add an item pin and brooch to the jazz item. Do

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Day deal

Save 1. 1.50 on this tub of chocolate ice cream.


Save 1. 1.50 on this tub of chocolate ice cream.

Haagen-Dazs Belgian chocolate dipped in a tub of ice cream, 5.5 was 4.50, which is now £ 3 in Asda.

save it: £ 1.50.

Cheap treatment.

You can't say 2 pizza.


You can’t say 2 pizza.

Tuck into a hand-drawn pizza slice made of sansbury stone, usually £ 3, now £ 2.

save it: £ 1.

What’s new

Let me hear your screams! Liddell’s range of Halloween sweets has come down and includes feng, melo and milk chocolate eyeballs starting at just 99p packs.

Exchange above

Why spend £ 86 on this perfume?


Why spend £ 86 on this perfume?
... when you can buy it for only 99.99.


… when you can buy it for only 99.99.

Spray Joe’s Malone Mirror and Tonka Intense, 86 86 for 50ml, or you can go for his Hotel Collection Mirror and Tonka OD Perfume, 99 6.99 per 100ml.

save it: .0 79.01.

Giselle’s little helper.

Come to Morrison for your new range of children’s Halloween costumes.

All of these are machine washable, as well as a full range of plastic bottles made responsibly from fabrics and recycled polyester.

All hangers are now 100% plastic free and are being replaced with cardboard.

Shop and save.

Save up to 75p on a pack of McVity Chocolate Digests.


Save up to 75p on a pack of McVity Chocolate Digests.

Get a double pack of McVity Chocolate Digests in Iceland, first £ 2, now 25 1.25.

save it: 75 ص.

Hot now

More lines have been added to the sale of Matalan.

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