September 22, 2021

I’m worried I’m not good enough for my wife because she touches herself during sex.

Dear Daddy: My wife and I have a great sex life but recently he has started touching himself while we are having sex.

It’s a new thing and I’m worried I’m not good enough for it. I am 36 and she is 35 years old.

I find this very disturbing.


I find this very disturbing.

I know she doesn’t always have an orgasm when we are in love but she always refuses me when I offer to help her when I help her after the climax.

I’m feeling a little insulted and trying to handle it with my own hands.

But she always pushes me, preferring her contact.

How do I make sure I get what I need? I find this very disturbing.

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Daddy says: Looks like your wife has discovered a way to orgasm, which is good news for both of you.

Although most penetrators enjoy physical intimacy, women thrive by stimulating the clitoris, which is located outside the vagina.

Ask your wife to show you how she likes to touch so you can get to know her body better.

Don’t take this new trust as a risk – if you enjoy her orgasms together, you will both get the most out of your sex.

I am sending you my support pack on how to get a woman to bed for more ideas.

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