I’m furious after being issued a parking ticket for an “honest mistake” even though I paid for the ticket

CAR is furious after being ticketed for parking for entering the wrong license plate by mistake.

Carl Wilding, 39, from Swanwick traveled to a birthday celebration in Nottingham city center on 11 February.

While driving his partner’s car, the estimator tried to pay for parking on Wollaton Road around 7:45 p.m. using the Ringo app.


Carl Wilding said “This is a fine for me for a simple mistake, I would gladly accept the fine if I didn’t pay for parking, it’s not fair.”1 credit

But he unwittingly registered his own car, as a result of which he was fined.

He said NottinghamshireLive: “My registration details were automatically saved in the app, it was an honest mistake, but I paid £7.40 for a parking ticket.

“When I got back I had parking tickets and it dawned on me what I did, I wasn’t too happy.”

Mr Wilding tried to appeal his £25 parking fine but it was rejected.

“As in this case, the driver can contact the parking operator to explain the error and ask for a review of the fine – the relevant contact details are always indicated on the notice of the parking fee.

“However, since RingGo cannot issue a PCN, we cannot support the appeal process – this issue must be decided between the driver and the operator.”

He added: “This is a fine for me for a simple mistake, I would gladly accept the fine if I didn’t pay for parking, it seems unfair.

“I can prove that I paid for parking, and to be honest, I’m a little annoyed.

“I told them I wouldn’t visit Nottingham so often now.”

A parking mistake will cost him £25 if he pays within 14 days, but Carl feels he and other motorists are being unfairly punished.

He said, “I’m just really disappointed that they supported him, it’s not fair and we’re being punished.

“I want people to know and just be aware.

“I’m seriously disappointed.”

Hugh Bladon, one of the founders of the British Drivers’ Alliance, called the situation “absurd”.

He said: “The fact that it was a real mistake and he made a wrong registration, anyone with common sense would say fair enough and punish him.

‘Honestly a mistake’

“This is an honest mistake and we all do it, we make mistakes, we are human.

“This is quite absurd and unfair.

“Motorists are easy prey to get more money, it makes life more unbearable and more expensive.”

A spokesman for the city council said: “RingGo app users are asked to verify the data before paying for parking, and if the entered data does not match the parked car, unfortunately the payment is not valid.

“Mr Wilding can pay the reduced £25 penalty notice until March 8, but he still has the option to appeal. He can wait for the owner’s notification to file a formal complaint against PCN. and, if it is upheld at that time, he has the option of taking it to the Traffic Fines Tribunal.

“In regards to fines issued in the evening, Nottingham is a busy city with a vibrant nighttime economy, so ensuring free traffic in and around the city is still essential after 6pm.”

A spokesperson for RingGo said: “When paying for parking through any mobile app, the driver is responsible for entering the correct vehicle registration number.

“Mistakes happen, which is why RingGo is asking users to re-verify and is offering drivers a grace period to correct their registration details after they’ve paid for parking. may receive a Parking Ticket Notice (PCN).

“If that happens, PCNs will only be issued by the parking operator – in this case the Nottingham City Parking Enforcement Group. A cashless parking payment provider such as RingGo cannot issue or cancel PCNs.

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