I’m considering divorce because my husband loves crazy baby names.

THE MOTHER-TO-BE was furious with her husband for the “ridiculous” names he suggested for their unborn child… and he didn’t want to budge an inch.

The woman said he was set to a name like The Flash, Six, Baratheon, Ender, or Trapper, while she wanted something more traditional like Adam, Jack, or James.


Woman says she would rather divorce her husband than let him name their child1 credit

The disagreement got so out of hand that the woman explained that she and her partner were now either ignoring each other or yelling at each other.

Taking to Redditshe said, “We didn’t actually have serious naming conversations until last month. Since then, our relationship has seriously deteriorated.

“We are either silent with each other, or we argue, there is nothing in common between them. We’ve never had such opposing tastes in NOTHING before.”


The mom-to-be admitted that she can be snobbish when it comes to baby names.

She said: “No matter how many people say it doesn’t matter, a name does affect people’s perceptions, especially first impressions.

“I want to give my child a name that he can carry into adulthood without shame.”

The woman thought her husband’s proposals were just to entertain his nerdy, mercurial fan side.

She said: “For example, his best names include Ranger, Ryder, Flash, Six, Baratheon, Ender, Trapper… yes.

“And like they’re scary enough, he wants the hell to put them together. Imagine my poor son living his life as Six Baratheon. [surname].

“This is crazy and I’m honestly rethinking my marriage that we FIGHTED over because he wants so badly to give this kid a ridiculous name.

“That’s just the highlights, by the way, his list includes a lot more Game of Thrones names, celebrity stage names, ’80s action movie names and all sorts of shit.”

The woman admitted that her tastes were a bit simpler.

She said: “I like traditional, classic, slightly overused names: Adam, Jack, James, Michael, Charles, Kenneth, Thomas.

“I’ve compiled a mile-long list of similar names, and he turns up his nose at everyone.

“They are human names,” he whines. “Too old,” he says. He wants something “fun and cute”. Okay, but by the time our kid is 45, I think he’ll be tired of this shit.”

The woman explained that she had told her husband that he would have to step back from this disagreement, but that he stood firm.

She said, “He won’t have it. He yelled at me that he should name him anyway because he’s a guy and he understands boy names better than I do.”

“He told me that I was boring and tasteless because of my choices. I told him bluntly that I would fight for our child to have a reasonable name for as long as it took.

I hate to say it, but yes, my marriage is worth it so that my son doesn’t get literally the name my husband likes.

“He said he was going to do the same so our son wouldn’t be burdened with a ‘stupid and exaggerated’ name.

“I don’t know the legality of this, but if there is any power that I can abuse to name the baby MY choice when it’s born, I am 100% willing to do so.

“I hate to say it, but yes, my marriage is worth it so that my son doesn’t get literally the name my husband likes.”

Reddit users were quick to share their opinions.

One person said: “Honestly, it looks like your husband treats your newborn as an accessory and not as a human.

“Says he ‘needs a cute and funny name’ while ignoring that this is a person who will have to use that name in real life.”

Another suggested a solution: “Just tell him to live with that name for a while. Even legally changed it and started handing it out in coffee shops, etc.”

A third said, “I see a relatively easy compromise. Let’s say he wants Ender, name the baby Andrew and have him use Ender as a nickname like in the book.

“Even if it takes root in his life, later on he will be able to present himself as Andrew as a professional.”

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