I’m an Obstetrician – Special Techniques to Ease Birth and Why You Should Practice Horse Lips if You’re Expecting

No matter how hard we prepare for the birth of our baby, it is impossible to know every detail involved in the birth process.

The same cannot be said for our midwives, who are always ready to help moms with these little-known tips and tricks.


Midwife Pip Davis says they have a whole host of tricks to help you during labor.Credit: Attached
Odette Abouf, An Independent Consultant Midwife, Says All Midwives Have Techniques To Help Stretch The Skin During Childbirth.


Odette Abouf, an independent consultant midwife, says all midwives have techniques to help stretch the skin during childbirth.Credit: Attached

Last month, we shared how Shelby’s new mom claimed her newborn smelled like shampoo even before he took a bath.

She was stunned when told the reason, and in a video posted on TikTok, she explained that midwives “use it like a lubricant.”

However, this method is not used in all hospitals, and midwives often have their own unique ways to help mothers during childbirth.

Odette Abouf, Independent Consultant Midwife and Co-Founder of Health Products Network Mummy organicsexplained: “Your midwife may feel that your perineum is not stretching around the baby’s head.

“She may decide to use lube or gently stretch the perineum with gloved hands to encourage stretching in that area.”

Midwife Pip Daviswho will speak children’s show tells Fabulous in March: “The day your baby is born is so much more than just one day in your life. Your birth is about creating memories for a lifetime, and it can even determine how smooth your journey to motherhood will be.

“Your midwife has a whole host of tricks and tips to help you and your baby on your journey through labor and delivery and I believe ALL women should feel like superwomen when they have their baby no matter how it may be for them.”

Lou knew

Faking This Position Can Help Recruit Muscles For Pushing During Labor.


Faking this position can help recruit muscles for pushing during labor.1 credit

During labor, your midwife may ask you to sit on the toilet – and no, we are not talking about bowel movements during labor here, although this also happens.

Peep explains: “When it comes to pushing the baby out, the same muscles are used as when it comes to defecation. So mimicking this natural position is really helpful in making sure you’re using your energy efficiently when pushing and maximizing how low you move your baby with each effort.”

Midwife Marley Hallauthor of Marley’s Guide to the Midwife, says women can also poop during childbirth, but often don’t even realize it.
She says, “We often have to wipe poop before mom or partner even realizes what’s going on.”

Sage And Other Essential Oils Are Used To Relax Women In Labor.


Sage and other essential oils are used to relax women in labor.1 credit

The same sage

Midwives will help you relax and feel comfortable, and there are several ways you can help.

“Aromatherapy oils are becoming more and more popular in delivery rooms, and clary sage is something to be aware of,” Peep says.

“This powerful essential oil is believed to help increase oxytocin levels and therefore promote contractions, which help progress labor.

“There are some contraindications for using clary sage, but your midwife will be able to advise you and your baby specifically.

“It’s not the sweetest smelling essential oil, although it’s often paired with lavender or sweet orange scents.”

Certain Breathing Techniques, Such As Horse Lips, Can Help Relax The Cervix.


Certain breathing techniques, such as horse lips, can help relax the cervix.1 credit

To ride a horse

Odette Abouf, who specializes in natural childbirth, says she uses other techniques as well, but don’t worry if you’re feeling a little silly.

Blowing out the neck of an empty water bottle can help your body open up and progress during the second stage of labor,” she explains.

Addendum: “We often get women to do horse lips. This is when you blow through closed loose lips and make the sound of a horse. This keeps your cervix relaxed and allows you to progress.”

Midwives Perform A Rectal Examination On Women After Childbirth To Check For Tears.


Midwives perform a rectal examination on women after childbirth to check for tears.1 credit

Oh bummer!

Marley, herself a mother of five, says: “After birth, they do a rectal examination to check for internal tears.”

What’s more, midwives often “protect the birthing site” and “we don’t let anyone in or out of the room,” Marley explains.

Midwives Are Always Ready To Help Support And Relax You During Childbirth.


Midwives are always ready to help support and relax you during childbirth.1 credit

For more advice on childbirth, your midwife will tell you what to avoid in the delivery room.

In addition, Odette talks about everything that moms should do before giving birth, which no one talks about.

Meanwhile, I was switched at birth, but my mom figured it out and made her way through the hospital to find me despite the staff saying I wasn’t hers.


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