I’m an Expert – 7 Ways to Clean Your House Without Actually Cleaning It’s Perfect for the Lazy

SOMETIMES cleaning the house is the last thing to cross off your to-do list.

People with busy schedules may find it difficult to find time for all the house cleaning work.


An easy way to tidy up your bedroom is to fluff up the pillows and smooth out the linens.1 credit
By Fixing The Blinds At The Same Height, You Will Give The Impression That They Have Just Been Cleaned.


By fixing the blinds at the same height, you will give the impression that they have just been cleaned.1 credit

But with a few handy tricks, you can certainly give the impression of a clean home without any effort.

Cleaning Expert Apartment Therapy Cipher Combits shared her simple tips on how to make your house instantly clean and it will only take you a few minutes.


The laundry basket trick is an easy way to clean up your house.

Just place the basket in the dirtiest part of the house and then throw all the unnecessary items into it.

Move the laundry basket out of sight until you’re ready to put things away.


For an instant refreshment in any room that has pillows, just fluff them up.

Take just a few seconds to hug or cut decorative pillows and your room will quickly become sublime.


While you’re fluffing up the pillows in your bedroom, take a few extra seconds to smooth out any creases in your bed.

Smoothed bedding will instantly give the room a polished look.


To give your windows a freshly washed look, make sure all of your blinds are lowered to the same height and angle.

Neatly placed curtains on the windows are a sure way to make your home look immaculate.


While this advice may seem obvious, sometimes people don’t think about pushing their chairs after getting up from the table.

Simply arrange chairs around the tables so that they are evenly spaced apart and your dining space will be instantly refreshed.


Typically, hand towels are the first thing that gets distorted in a bathroom, so you should pay special attention to them if you want your home to look clean.

Take a few seconds to make sure the towels are hanging straight and centered on the bar.

To add zest to the bathroom, straighten the rugs.


Finally, take a minute or two to tidy up any items on your countertop, such as paper, toothbrushes, hand soap, etc.

Giving things the right place on your countertop will keep your home looking neat and organized.

If you’re not into cleaning, the expert shared her five cleaning tips that will save you tons of time.

Her first trick was to walk around the house in fluffy socks, not only to keep her feet warm, but also to collect dust as she moved.

Neatly Organized Countertops Will Give Your Home A Beautiful Look.


Neatly organized countertops will give your home a beautiful look.1 credit

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