I’m an electrician – these are the weirdest things I’ve seen in people’s homes and the most annoying things customers do.

WE ALL love to gossip about our neighbors, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors?

The electrician, who has worked in both municipal and private homes, spoke about the strangest things he’s seen in people’s homes, as well as the most annoying things customers do.


The electrician spoke about the most unpleasant things he saw in residential buildings, and many of them are related to pets.1 credit

Spying on pet rats roaming freely in the kitchen and boxes full of sex toys, our anonymous Sparky worked in the trade for nine years and worked in both private and council homes.

He says: “There are a lot of strange things going on, especially in council houses. You meet wonderful people, but also a lot of strange people.”

Paws for reflection

Pets are a favorite part of any family, but some are more normal than others.

Our electrician says, “I worked for a lady who had pet rats and she let them out by locking them up on the kitchen counter overnight.

“She was also obsessed with Halloween, so when you opened the front door, there were all these spiders and cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. It was in March.

“She didn’t try to move anything, she said that we would have to work around it. She was dressed in all black and never turned on the lights.

“In another house, I worked for a very nice family, but they had four full-sized Rottweilers in a house with a terrace with two beds, as well as four huge aquariums. It was ridiculously tight.”

Unfortunately, rats aren’t the terrible pet-related situation that our electrician saw.

He says: “One customer kept a cat litter tray right by the closet door under the stairs where the electricity was.

“They knew we needed access to that closet, but they didn’t move it all the time and it was full of cat poop.

“By the end of the week, it was overcrowded and poop was all over the floor.”

sex rating

Accessing people’s homes gives you insight into their lives, meaning that stumbling across things you don’t want to see can be an occupational hazard.

Our electrician says, “One of my colleagues found a box of sex toys in a woman’s attic.

“There were dozens of them and they weren’t boxed, they were loose and looked like they had been used.”

The game has begun

When you change wiring, it is important to turn off the power for safety reasons.

But this infuriates some residents, despite the fact that it was they who commissioned the work.

Our electrician says: “When we arrived, one tenant insisted that we not turn off the Internet.

“We assumed he was working from home, but after 20 minutes we heard him playing video games and chatting with all his friends online.

“During the two weeks we were there, he played video games every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

“He would pick up his child from school around the corner at 3:30 pm and then make him sit there and watch him play.

“And dad would jump out the window to pick up his kid so he didn’t have to walk past us when we were working in the hallway.”

In another house, an 18-year-old teenager stayed at home all day.

The electrician says: “He was unemployed and wore only a bathrobe all the time and watched his 70-inch TV on the couch.

“Several Jehovah’s Witnesses came to the door one day, and he opened it for them in his dressing gown. They looked like they couldn’t get away from him fast enough.”

Anonymous Sparky Has Nine Years Of Experience


Anonymous Sparky has nine years of experience1 credit

What not to do

When it comes to the most annoying things customers do, our electrician had a long list.

He says: “The most annoying thing people can do is watch you while you work. It’s like they’re trying to catch you.

“When you call someone to do electrical work, don’t get annoyed or sulky about having to turn off the power. I always think, “What did you expect?”

And if you’re doing home renovations, don’t invite all the merchants on the same day.

He says: “It takes a lot longer if you’re trying to get around a plumber or someone in a tiny bathroom. This is very annoying and a waste of money for the client.”

So what is the hardest part of the job?

An electrician shares: “It’s inconvenient to need a toilet while you’re working in someone else’s house because you don’t want to go into someone else’s house.

“You’re used to finding McDonald’s or the local library, sometimes it’s pretty grim.”

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