I’m a tattoo artist and these are the requests I hate the most.

The tattoo artist talked about the requests he hates the most and why you should never ask for these designs.

TikTok user @dobbybouglas has shared several videos featuring the worst tattoo trends, from finger mustaches to the infinity symbol.


Tattoo artist and TikTok user @dobbybouglas reveals which tattoos he hates the mostCredit: TikTok/Dobbibuglas
In A Series Of Videos, Dobby Explains Which Designs Should Never Be Trending.


In a series of videos, Dobby explains which designs should never be trending.Credit: TikTok/Dobbibuglas
Mustache Tattoos On Fingers &Quot;Stupid Idea&Quot; According To Dobby


According to Dobby, mustache tattoos on fingers are a “stupid idea.”Credit: TikTok/Dobbibuglas

One design trend that Dobby says “should never have happened” is the popular infinity symbol.

“There are an infinite number of artists who hate to get this damn tattoo” – Dobby. He speaks.

“It seems to me that the infinity symbol was used as a separator for the phrase “I don’t know what the fuck I want.”

Dobby adds that those who choose this tattoo always seem to get it “in the worst place available.”

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“Look, no human body is perfectly symmetrical, so no matter where you put this thing, it won’t look right, and for this type of tattoo, location is pretty much everything,” says the artist.

Starfish designs are also included on Dobby’s list, as the artist claims that creating a perfectly symmetrical star is not as easy as one might think.

“Starfish are a bad idea, they were never a good idea and never will be a good idea.

“There are a million and a half things that you can put on your body forever and share your story, but instead you choose a star … a starfish,” says a disappointed Dobby.

Tattoos with mustaches on the fingers also made it to the list of artists. He calls them a “stupid idea,” especially since fingers are areas with a high level of fading.

“I think this tattoo makes Steves all over the world really proud,” Dobby says, referring to the Jackass star.

The artist is also not a fan of arm skeleton tattoos, saying he doesn’t understand how this has ever been a trend.

While Dobby says these tattoos can look pretty good if done by someone who knows what they’re doing, that’s not always the case, and often they look like a “Halloween costume.”

“When Uncle Randy decides to do it in his basement, it looks like you’ll have Chito’s crispy fingers for life.”

Dobby has over 600,000 followers on TikTok and his videos get millions of likes.

The Starfish Design Is Also Included In Dobby'S List.


The starfish design is also included in Dobby’s list.Credit: TikTok/Dobbibuglas
The Artist Is Also Not A Fan Of Skeleton Tattoos On His Arms.


The artist is also not a fan of skeleton tattoos on his arms.Credit: TikTok/Dobbibuglas

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