I’m a hairdresser and I can tell what kind of mom you are based on how you ask me to cut your baby’s hair.

The HAIRDRESSER said she can always tell what a parent’s style is by the way they ask their kids to do their hair.

In a hilarious video, hairstylist Sarah recreated each of the different parenting types she faces when cutting children’s hair.


A tired mom is often too tired to mess with a haircut.Credit: TikTok/@kissmeormissme
Helicopter Mum Hovers Next To Baby And Stylist During Haircut


Helicopter mum hovers next to baby and stylist during haircutCredit: TikTok/@kissmeormissme

She singled out the “tired mom”, the “silent but intimidating mom”, and the “mom with unrealistic expectations”.

Sarah went to TikTok to share video in which she revealed “the types of moms who bring their baby to the salon.”

The tired mother came out first, who said: “I don’t care what you do, just bran, bran everything.”


She then moved on to the unrealistic expectations of her mom, who said, “He’s only two years old, so we don’t need anything crazy.

“But I was thinking zero damping, high and hard, with the hard part right there.

“And I want everything to be perfectly blended and look amazing without any products.”

Next up was the helicopter mom, who couldn’t help but stand too close to her baby and the stylist during the reception.

Sarah then showed off a silent but intimidating mom who simply stood and watched with her arms crossed over her chest with an angry expression but refused to sit down when offered.

She then played a “don’t give a damn” mom, whom she portrayed on the phone talking to a friend while her kids ran furiously through the salon.

She said, “Timmy is getting his hair cut, and I figured why not bring all three? I don’t want to pay for a babysitter.”

Fellow TikTokers seemed to be most of the silent and intimidating type.

One person said, “Silent scary my mom.”

While another said, “I’m taciturn, intimidating, but that’s only because I have social anxiety.”

A third said, “My mom is a mixture of taciturn and intimidating, she just sits down and does a crossword puzzle.”

Mom With High Expectations Demanded A Lot For Her Child'S Hair


Mom with high expectations demanded a lot for her child’s hairCredit: TikTok/@kissmeormissme
Many People Are Associated With The


Many people are associated with the “silent but intimidating mom”Credit: TikTok/@kissmeormissme

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