I’m a cleaning expert and my cheap toilet bomb recipe is the secret I swear to keep my bathroom spotlessly clean.

A cleaning expert has shared a recipe for a cheap toilet bomb that she swears will make your bathroom spotless.

tik tak Clean with Kayleigh shared the hack on social media for her followers.


Cleaning expert reveals how she created a toilet bombCredit: TikTok/@cleanwith_kayleigh
She Talked About The Ingredients And Tools That Will Be Required For The Process.


She talked about the ingredients and tools that will be required for the process.Credit: TikTok/@cleanwith_kayleigh

in clipa cleaning expert demonstrated how to make a toilet bomb.

Before starting, she briefly talked about all the ingredients and tools required for the process.

This included baking soda, citric acid, dish soap, a bowl, a set of measuring spoons, and a large ice tray.

She began by mixing one cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of citric acid, and one tablespoon of dish soap in a bowl.

After she mixed the three ingredients, she poured the solution directly into each cube of the silicone tray.

Then she recommended leaving the mixture to stand for a couple of hours.

After some time, she demonstrated how carefully she removed one by one the toilet bombs, now square in shape, from the tray.

The social media user completed the video by simply placing their magic squares in a tightly closed jar.

And guaranteed: “Perfect for intermediate deep cleaning.”

Cleaning hacks and tips


Here are some tips to help you with your next house cleaning:

Followers on social media were in awe of her latest creation and couldn’t wait to try the hack out for themselves.

One user wrote: “I didn’t know they were so easy to make. I just ordered citric acid from Amazon.”

The second said: “I need to try!!”


“Thank you very much for the great idea, I’ll definitely come up with it,” continued the third.

Now that it’s time to deep clean your toilet, another cleaning expert suggested one handy tool that really helped her get to the toilet rim.

She explained, “It fits under the headband. So it actually cleans better than normal.”

Along with thoroughly cleaning your toilet, she was excited about how this wand would benefit the planet.

To Get Started, You Simply Mix The Three Solutions Together.


To get started, you simply mix the three solutions together.Credit: TikTok/@cleanwith_kayleigh
She Showed How She Transferred The Magic Formula To A Silicone Ice Mold.


She showed how she transferred the magic formula to a silicone ice mold.Credit: TikTok/@cleanwith_kayleigh
After A Couple Of Hours, She Was Able To Remove The Cubic Toilet Bombs From The Silicon Ice Tray.


After a couple of hours, she was able to remove the cubic toilet bombs from the silicon ice tray.Credit: TikTok/@cleanwith_kayleigh

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