I’m a beauty expert – 6 TikTok beauty trends that are making your acne worse and why acne toothpaste is NOT the best idea

There are so many skin care products and treatments out there that it can be so hard to figure out which ones are best for our own skin.

And since everyone has a different skin type, from dry to oily, there really is no one-size-fits-all option for getting that much-desired “radiance.”


There are so many skin care hacks out there that it’s hard to know which ones to follow.1 credit

Things get even more confusing with the thousands of hacks recommended to us on sites like TikTok.

From slugging to frosting, there are so many new beauty hacks that are getting millions of views online.

However, proceed with caution!

Here is Walid Taleb, a beautician from Clinic Verareveals the TikTok beauty trends you need to avoid and explains why…

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One popular viral skincare trend is called “slug”. It involves applying an ointment, often petroleum jelly, to the face to moisturize the skin overnight.

Tiktok Fans Have Begun Smearing Their Faces With Ointment Before Bed, As Part Of A Trend Known As


TikTok fans have begun smearing their faces with ointment before bed, as part of a trend known as “slugging.”Credit: @edwardzo/Tiktok

It has amassed over 117 million views on TikTok.

However, this hack can clog pores and cause new acne.

Instead, use a nighttime moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

Skin icing

Skin icing is a new skin care trend that promises glowing skin and has amassed 10.3 million views on TikTok.

So what is this popular trend about?

The trend includes massaging the face with ice cubes as the action of the glaze tightens and tightens the skin, leaving it sculpted and plumped with a street glow.

However, sudden changes in temperature can cause redness and burning, so professionals do not recommend doing this.

Icing The Skin Can Cause Redness And Burning And Is Not Recommended By Professionals.


Icing the skin can cause redness and burning and is not recommended by professionals.1 credit

Gua Sha massage

The Gua Sha Massager is a new tool that is used as the final step in a skincare routine that is said to smooth the skin, increase its elasticity and prevent skin aging.

The hack has 92 million views on TikTok.

The tool is made from crystals, but there is little evidence that their use in daily skin care is beneficial.

There Is Little Evidence To Support The Effectiveness Of The Massager.


There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of the massager.Credit: @guasha50/Tiktok

Toothpaste for stains

The next life hack is to apply toothpaste on stains at night.

While some of the ingredients in toothpaste do dry out the skin, this hack can cause irritation.

Ultimately, this home remedy for acne is not worth the risk.

DIY face masks

With over 2.9 million TikTok views, there are plenty of homemade exfoliating facial scrubs made with homemade ingredients including lemon, honey, sugar, and coffee.

Although they do not contain any harmful ingredients, the granules commonly used in DIY exfoliating scrubs can have rough or jagged edges.

They can be harsh on the skin, potentially leaving it red and raw, and ultimately a store-bought face mask can make it better.

sound advice

Walid is not the only expert to warn against following social media advice.

Dr. Tijon Esho also warned against taking advice directly from TikTok, as some of the hacks he has seen are potentially dangerous.

“I regularly see people in my clinic who have tried the skin care hacks they saw on the channel,” he said.

“They end up in my waiting room because they need to fix something.”

Skin care can be confusing with an endless list of products available and constant ads claiming there’s a new and better way to make your skin glow.

This means that you are most likely not doing your nightly skin care routine correctly.

Here, dermatologist Dr. Chris Thomassian shows you how to properly apply products and recommends which ingredients to look out for.

It'S Important To Be Careful What You Add To Homemade Face Masks, As The Granules Can Irritate Your Skin.


It’s important to be careful what you add to homemade face masks, as the granules can irritate your skin.1 credit

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