September 20, 2021

IKEA Launches 24 Hour Free Food & Music Festival in UK – How to Participate

IKEA Has announced the start of its first date. IKEA Festival Designed to celebrate life at home.

The event will begin at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, September 16 and run for 24 hours.

The free virtual festival will feature musical performances, cooking demonstrations, home makeovers and celebrity home tours throughout the day.

Viewers will have the opportunity to see more than 100 everyday homes in more than 50 countries. Worldwide Chef de Pasta Queen and Paul Swinson to join special guests, including musicians MØ and Kanis, while Virgil Ablo and Ilse Crawford share their in-house items.

Glasgow Times: The IKEA Festival will feature artists, designers, DJs, chefs and many more (IKEA)The IKEA Festival will feature artists, designers, DJs, chefs and many more (IKEA)

Stores across the UK will also be hosting a number of events for everyone to enjoy from September 16 to 19 to help celebrate and revitalize the festival.

Rosen Forbes, Commercial Activities and Events Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland, said: “The IKEA Festival is a new kind of experience we want to bring to consumers around the world – celebrating, connecting and engaging at home life.

“By opening the homes of some of the world’s artists, designers, DJs and chefs, we hope it gives us new impetus on how we use and spend time in our immediate vicinity.

“We want the festival to talk about living a more sustainable and affordable life at home, as well as a few surprises along the way.”

Full list of IKEA Festival Room sets.

  • My house turf – Join artists like MØ, Kanis, Niki and Masego as they showcase their cities, neighborhoods and communities – and treat performers with the audience.
  • Home concerts. – Artists from around the world will turn their homes into a. Stage.
  • Home cooking -Open delicious fragrant kitchen doors all over the world and be inspired by chefs cooking old and new favorites. Chefs include Pasta Queen and Paul Swanson.
  • DJ Relay – Club marathon. Music, Straight from the DJ’s home, with DJs including Catranada, Lorraine James and Zoli.
  • Home visit -IKEA customers as well as some celebrities like Virgil Ablo and Alice Crawford share their in-house items.
  • IKEA Museum. – Go back in time and discover everything that made and shaped IKEA: good, bad, beautiful and ugly.
  • IKEA News. – Meet IKEA co-workers and colleagues from around the world – in the store, in the factory, in the office or in the studio, including former collaboration partner Virgil Abloh.
  • Change of house – Ideas and tips for creating better storage, access to more kitchen kitchens or just fun, dynamic access.
  • Kitchen Talks. – Join in the conversation about the joys and sorrows that make up everyday life at home. IKEA co-workers meet with profiles such as surfer Cassia Medor, astronaut Krister Fogelsing and adventurer Renata Chelmska.

How can you participate in the IKEA Festival?

For more information about the free fair, you can visit. IKEA website Where no sign up is required.

Events and activities will also be held at IKEA stores in the UK and Ireland, free to attend. To sign up, just visit your local store. Events page.

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