September 20, 2021

If the players do not accept the salary adjustment proposal, Barcelona may be forced to take strict action.

FC Barcelona are close to eliminating all possible means to help balance their books. The Spanish La Liga season begins in less than a month, and the club has yet to successfully enter the payroll cap. As such, the club’s president, Juan Laporta, will have to make some tough decisions in the coming weeks.

As previously reported, the Barcelona management is approaching the players regarding the proposed reduction in wages for the coming season. Brand Reports say that the club has offered different players different terms of salary adjustment according to the current status of their contracts.

It was initially thought that a further 40 per cent reduction in wages would be asked for above 10 per cent, which came into effect at the end of last year. However, this amount now looks different for each player.

This situation affects people who are involved in manager Ronald Koeman’s plans for next season, but are considered to be earning more. Gerard Pique, Sergio Biscuits, Jordi Alba and Sergei Roberto are thought to be among the least approached players, but all are reluctant to accept the offer.