October 18, 2021

If the dog is hit by a car and not treated for months, it learns to progress despite the paralysis.

Nothing affects the flexibility of a dog. They can overcome abuse and still love people, thrive through disability, and most of all, they never complain.

Two full months later, a stomach mix collided with a car, injuring his back, and he was taken to a shelter. All this time the dog had never had his wounds healed, and his hind legs were of no use until he was surrendered.


Seeing the condition of the dog, the shelter asked the local rescue group. Animal advocates one by one. for help. Troubled by what the poor kid has already gone through, One by One shared his story on Facebook:

“For two months he has been unable to walk, or has been using his hind legs. For two months he has suffered in silence. But today, that will change.

Delayed treatment results

One by one, the animal advocates named the brave boy Shohi and brought him to the Proctor Well Animal Clinic for a complete neuromuscular examination, X-ray and basic examination.

Waits determined that Shohi had a compressed disc in his back. His condition probably worsened when he left without seeing a doctor.


Disappointed, rescuers believe his injury could have been prevented with immediate treatment after his accident. One by one the animal advocates explained:

“The shock of being hit by a car completely brought the two discs together, removing the protective gelatinous material in his spine. If he had been treated with cheap prednisone at that time, he might have recovered. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Refuse to stay down.

After all, Shohi loves everyone she meets. He never stopped two non-working legs from running to greet him. The strong dog learned to move. Scouting himself with both front legs.

One by one, the animal advocate expressed great pride in Shohi’s power:

“The dog is so flexible that he has learned to move around despite his injury, and he still can’t believe his life has taken a dramatic turn. He’s becoming happy and friendly.”

Shohi also has. Custom wheelchair Now, payments are made through one-by-one fundraising. They made sure he got a personal cart, not just a standard car that you can find on Amazon. These cars can be expensive, but you will find it difficult to think of a dog.


With a custom-made cart, Shohi can run around with the best of them. The rescue squad wasn’t called for him.Greyhound on wheels. “Just look at it, stop and go to everything:

Heather A., ​​President of One by One Animal Advocates, Said Weigel How Shohi again impressed his rescuers in realizing his full potential:

“I cry to give Shohi a chance to be a dog again. He is one of those dogs that proves how flexible animals are, how they improve their situation.

A foster family that understands.

Still hoping to find a home forever, Shohi was placed in perfect foster care. Her foster mother helps her with her disability, but she is happy to have only foster siblings and a yard to run around.

“She has a foster retiree, so she has someone who can give it to her at any time. She also has a special needs dog, and she is equipped with a doggie ramp to use.


Until this post is published. Still available for adoption on a pit page.. The organization, which helped one by one find a home for the boy, shared:

“He’s the biggest bug of love you’ve ever received and he’ll give you back 10 times the love you show him !!!”

Shohi is clearly a cute and overly optimistic dog that will be a great addition to your family.

Featured image: Facebook

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