September 23, 2021

If England invades, it will allow uncertain travel from the United States and the European Union

The British government announced on Wednesday that it had fully vaccinated the United States and the European Union, with the exception of France.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapes tweeted, “We are helping people in the United States and European countries reunite with their families and friends.

This policy will take effect on August 2 at 4:00 AM (0300 GMT).

Passengers are fully vaccinated by a vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or the European Medicines Agency, without having to isolate themselves at home for 10 days on any country on the British government’s “amber” traffic light list. Will be able to travel from

They will still need to take the first departure test and a second test the next day after arriving in England.

Beta will continue to have separate rules for people coming from France due to government concerns over the “permanent presence” of the variety, which is thought to be more resistant to vaccines.

Amber-listed travelers, mostly from Europe and the United States, who are not fully vaccinated, will still have to be detained on arrival.

Health Secretary Sajid Javed said, “With the reopening of quarantine-free travel for fully vaccinated travelers in European countries and the United States, we are taking another step on the normal path by reuniting friends and family.” Will be merged and the UK business will flourish. ” Said.

The government has also confirmed the resumption of international shipping.

The UK is in the grip of another wave of the virus due to delta variations, although the number of cases has dropped over the past week, with its vaccine drive seeing more than 70 per cent of adults fully infected. ۔

London, England
To allow full polio vaccine recipients from Amber list countries to enter UK without quarantine Photo: AFP / Tolga Akmen

Scotland, which is in charge of its travel rules, later said it was also getting rid of quarantine requirements for sixth-degree passengers from the United States and the European Union.

Wales and Northern Ireland have also developed their own health policies, and set their own rules for foreign travel, but they are consulting with London on a broader UK policy.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has welcomed Wednesday’s announcement.

Tom Takri, CBI Director of Infrastructure, said: “Non-restricted international travel will be a key component of resumption, and the elimination of quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated recipients from the United States and the European Union is a step towards that goal. That’s a big step. “

“This news will be a major boost for the troubled travel industry.”

Airline Virgin Atlantic said it was “ready to work with the government to ensure that the new rules are easily enforced.”

“We now urge the UK government to go further and move the United States to the UK’s ‘Green List’,” said Shy Weiss, Virgin’s chief executive.

He warned that “the UK is already lagging behind the United States and the European Union, and its continued cautious approach to international travel will have an impact on the economic recovery and the UK’s 500,000 jobs.” Will put

However, the US administration is banning most domestic travel by non-residents and has warned against travel to the UK, especially due to the delta’s variations.

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