October 18, 2021

If British environmental lunatics continue to cause traffic damage to tired British citizens, they could face up to seven years in prison.

Warns tired police officers that Britain’s environmental lunatics could face up to seven years in prison

Despite blocking the M25 six times in a fortnight and spreading complete chaos, the protesters have vowed to continue wreaking havoc because they are not afraid of jail time.

Met police removed Amsolite UK climate workers from the M25 on a slippery road.


Met police removed Amsolite UK climate workers from the M25 on a slippery road.Credit: Scholar

Extinct Rebellion Splinter Group is busy skipping M25 in London and Dover, blocking traffic on both the A20.

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott said: “We need to see people close to it.

“They will keep coming back until they are physically prevented from doing so.”

The Telegraph reports that police are “spinning” to keep workers in custody, with officers considering possible charges against them.

These could include allegations of public harassment – or conspiracy to endanger motorists.

According to the Road Traffic Act, “anything on or above the road in such circumstances” is illegal as it would be “dangerous”.

Violation of the law is punishable by a maximum of seven years in prison.

Meanwhile, government officials are considering a nationwide restraining order.

But there are fears that such a move could backfire because it could be seen as a “disproportionate” reaction.

“We will be ready to see it, but they have to come up with a strategy that works,” said one source.

Despite behind-the-scenes efforts, troublemakers are promising eco-friendly drivers that they will expect more trouble.

His campaign, now in its third week, has already seen more than 300 arrests.

We have to see people close to it.

Matthew ScottPolice and Crime Commissioner

Matt Police has arrested 53 people after a demonstration near Monday’s Junction 14 near Heathrow’s Monday morning, who can violate the order, and see them in jail.

But in an open letter to Home Secretary Priti Patel, the Burmese Eco Group said it was not backing down.

Its members added: “We are more afraid of the loss of our country than you.

“You can throw orders at us as much as you want, but we’re not going anywhere.

You can raid our savings … confiscate our property … deny us our freedom and put us behind bars.

“But shooting a messenger can never end the message: this country is going to hell unless you take emergency action to stop the carbon emissions.”

All those arrested were released on Monday night.

‘Change Society’

Of Telegraph He said it was the responsibility of the Highways Agency to prosecute him for contempt of court.

This particular charge can result in up to two years in prison and / or an indefinite fine – if found guilty.

But retired Bristol GP Dr Diana Warner, 62, a member of the group, said after blocking a motorway: “I’m really sorry, but I do everything I can to protect myself and change society. Be determined to try. We have to try. “

A spokesman for the National Police Chiefs Council said: “Police have already made hundreds of arrests in the affected areas.

“Officers will continue to work rapidly to prevent protest protesters and prevent them from threatening and protecting the safety of others.”

Monday’s protest near Heathrow saw some protesters sticking to each other, on barriers and carriageways, and sprayed blue on the road.

‘You’re funny’

After taking precautionary measures at the scene, Liam Norton, a spokesman for Insolat UK, said the group’s demands were “simple” and “unintentional”.

The High Court has recently issued a restraining order in favor of National Highways, which has led some protesters to commit contempt of court, including fines, jail terms and confiscation of assets.

An angry motorcyclist stuck in traffic on Monday told campaigners: “I have to feed my children now, I need my money, now I have to feed my children, but you don’t get it.

“You’re funny, go somewhere else and stop people from going to work.”

The police removed the insulated UK climate workers once again.


The police removed the insulated UK climate workers once again.Credit: Scholar
The High Court has issued a restraining order.


The High Court has issued a restraining order.Credit: Scholar
British environmentalist Liam Norton says he is not intimidated and will continue to block roads despite government orders.

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