Ice Dancing 2022 LIVE

Ice dancing is back tonight and fans were cheering on their favorite comedian Beza as Connor fell on his butt.

During the eventful evening, fans asked guest judge Arlene Phillips questions.

Sally returned after a terrible blow to the ice.

The 58-year-old Coronation Street legend made a painful slip during rehearsals with Dancing on Ice veteran Matt earlier this week.

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  • Come on Arlene

    Fans are really questioning her labeling.

    One said “Fall and 2 trips and 8.5 from Arlene????”

  • Fallen Guy

    Did you see poor Connor fall?

    You saw him get up like a pro!

  • unwanted guest

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  • Favourite thing

    Sally and Matt.

    So charming.

    Did you see Matt’s face when Arlene gave such a low rating?


  • Best skate of the evening

    Fans were obsessed with Kai’s skate but thought Arlene underestimated him.

    One tweeted: “Well done Kai and Tippy this was a fantastic performance and you did even better this week, 9 from me! :)”

  • He’s OK

    What a skate! You can see how confident Kai is in the role of Artful Dodger even though he has NEVER seen the musical…

    Look how excited he is with these results.

    He can’t be at the bottom of 2, can he?

  • No way, then

    Oh my God. Not all Bez fans.

    One viewer tweeted: “WHY IS HE WHY WITHOUT YET ON ICE??!! Only now FOR THE FIRST TIME the judges are asking Bez to ride more and less smoke and mirrors!! Brilliant skaters left the competition, but he is still there. And he’s not even entertaining.

  • Batman

    Did you see a little flirting between Oti and Bez?


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  • Without returned

    Fans are going crazy right now.

    This bat from hell means business! See how he skates and then plays the guitar.

  • Party

    Does anyone else listen to these tunes?

    Steph had a successful week of musicals.

  • Fans think Steph was underestimated

    One tweeted: “Yes Steph! The first person to actually jump without error tonight! Her score should be 10 based on the two previous performances, otherwise it’s clearly a set-up!!”

  • Fix line

    Maybe the fans are right – with such an all-star cast.

    One tweeted: “The problem with this season of #DancingOnIce is there’s not much progress since so many of the contestants are already on top!”

  • reigning queen

    Do you see Kimberly’s face when she got all those 9.5?

    Top of the leaderboard. Yasss!

  • Icing on the cake

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  • Regal Regan

    Did you see him kill him on the ice?

    All these nines – I’m not complaining.

    Even guest judge Arlene is ecstatic.

  • Come on Arlene

    Fans can’t get over how youthful Arlene looks.

    I mean….

  • bling beza

    Do you see his amazing biker jacket today?

    Something special awaits us today

  • Holly Molly

    Have you seen Holly’s dress today?

    Tell me about the ice queen.

  • Brigade Without

    Fans of the “Happy Mondays” star came out to support him tonight.

    One tweeted: “The best thing I’ve seen this week! #bez, from #happy_mondays@Happy_Mondays to #dancingonice@dancingonice as a beekeeper! Never stop making me smile or laugh! Keep beeing and buzzing you! maximum respect for trying! Smarter than me! You’re doing it there.”

  • Terrible fall

    Did you hear about Sally from Corrie?

    Erase it – did you see her painful fall in rehearsals with Matt Evers?


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  • Someone goes home

    One celebrity will receive an ax tonight in a brutal manner.

    Let’s hope it’s not one of our favorites.

  • What time is Dancing on Ice?

    3O minute klaxon!

    Ice action will begin today at 18:00.

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