I went on a non-refundable vacation with my ex AFTER we broke up – I couldn’t lose the money and we had a big fight.

I’m NOT trying to be dramatic, but even the thought of running into our ex on the street is enough to send shivers down our spines.

So think about Lydia Bird: An American TikToker who went on vacation with her ex-boyfriend after they were unable to get their money back.


Lydia claims that she and her ex were together for two years and broke up a few weeks before the trip.Credit: TikTok/@lydia_bird3
She Claims That They Did Not Speak For Several Weeks Before The Holiday.


She claims that they did not speak for several weeks before the holiday.Credit: TikTok/@lydia_bird3

In a series of viral videos, the social media star documented her and her ex’s trip to the Dominican Republic just weeks after breaking up.

And let’s just say it makes browsing excruciatingly uncomfortable.

Speaking to daily pointLydia said that she and Jayden had been together for two years when they booked the trip.

She explained, “As I later found out, we didn’t buy any travel insurance because we had [not anticipated] breake down”.

As a result, this meant they couldn’t get a refund when their relationship ended a couple of months later.

And to make matters worse, the hotel couldn’t change their double room to a twin room, which meant they had to share the same bed all the time.

Although for the most part they managed to be nice, Lydia claims that they once got into a big fight over how much time she spent on her phone.

In another video, she wrote: “If life ever seems boring to you, just go on a tropical vacation with your ex after not talking.

“Definitely a seasoned routine.”

On the other hand, Jadon turned out to be a great (former) Instagram boyfriend after photographing Lydia for her social media accounts for many years.

After her first video of her and Jadon on the plane hit over 1.5 million views, people started to wonder if a possible reunion was on the cards, but others wondered if they ever broke up at all.

One replied: “They are together again.”

Another added: “Is this some kind of second chance romance? Girl, you’re living the life of a romantic comedy.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote, “Why does it feel like they’re still in a relationship but they’re doing it just for influence?”

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The Couple Say They Had No Choice But To Sleep In The Same Bed.


The couple say they had no choice but to sleep in the same bed.Credit: TikTok/@lydia_bird3
Lydia Said They Had A Big Fight Over How Much Time She Spends On Her Phone.


Lydia said they had a big fight over how much time she spends on her phone.Credit: TikTok/@lydia_bird3
On The Other Hand, He Knew How To Get The Best Instagram Shots For Her.


On the other hand, he knew how to get the best Instagram shots for her.Credit: TikTok/@lydia_bird3

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