September 21, 2021

I was trolled for having ‘boy’s chest’ with AA breasts and got £ 6.5k option.

One mother revealed that she was trolled for having “boy’s breasts” when she had AAs breasts, so she was given the option of 6,500 breasts.

Jessica Carter, 31, of Derbyshire, has been bullied for years about her appearance at school, then trolled on social media, which has led to her “low self-esteem”. Fell victim

Jessica Carter, 31, was trolled for her 'boy's chest' and was asked, 'When will you kill puberty?'


Jessica Carter, 31, was trolled for her ‘boy’s chest’ and was asked, ‘When will you kill puberty?’Credit: jessigymbunny / Instagram
So she got a £ 6.5k bob job and now she is earning 15k online monthly.


So she got a £ 6.5k bob job and now she is earning 15k online monthly.Credit: jessigymbunny / Instagram

Determined to boost her confidence, the adult model got a bob job with Dr. Alex Credis, which doubled her online income to over 15,000.

Jessica, who has a seven-year-old daughter, along with her partner, says brilliantly: “I’ve always had a low self-esteem because of years of bullying about my appearance.

“I was annoyed at how I looked in both primary and secondary schools.

“At 5ft 11ins, I was always tall, thin and straight up and down. My breasts weren’t the main focus of why I was lifted, but I think it was part of it.

“Then I started trolling for small breasts, especially on tick tock.

“Just small things, but when you are told something over and over again, it starts to grind you after a while.

“I think the best way to handle this is to make fun of yourself, not just show people that it affects you.

“With Tic Tac Toe, it’s best to create a new video to end this, which gets as many views as possible to increase your subscribers.

“At this point in my life, I’ve been impressed by the point of trolling. When you’re in the industry, you have to grow a thick skin very quickly.

“Because if you’re going to break down on any comment, it’s definitely not working for you.”

After the operation, the mother doubled her income.


After the operation, the mother doubled her income.Credit: jessigymbunny / Instagram
She says it builds a lot of confidence.


She says it builds a lot of confidence.Credit: jessigymbunny / Instagram

Prior to the epidemic, Jessica worked as a PT, earning 18 18,000 a year.

She says: “When the lockdown happened, he asked me serious questions. I wanted to be a personal trainer but it didn’t bring me much money.

“It was worth living, but I really couldn’t do anything extra. I just wanted a good life for myself, my daughter and my partner.

“I decided instead of delaying, I was going for the things I had been thinking about for a while, so I just started my fans and had surgery. It seems like this attitude. It’s working great for me. “

I have always had a low self-esteem due to years of bullying about my appearance. Then I started trolling because I had small breasts. I was told I had a ‘boy’s chest’ and asked ‘when are you going to kill puberty?’

Jessica Carter31.

Jessica joined the fan base in September and soon gained thousands of followers.

After her bob job in April, which took her from AA to the DD Cup, Jessica’s income doubled to 15,000 per month, while her subscriber base tripled.

She says: “Since then my subscribers have grown exponentially. I already had a good following, but the promotional work on social media has helped me a lot.

“The main reason I wanted to complete them was physical confidence.

“It’s not that you can’t have small breasts in the industry, because you can. Many of my customers said no, we like your small breasts,” but how did I feel about myself in underwear?

“The industry is great and welcomes women of all shapes and sizes, but I spent so much time looking at myself through online photos and videos, I was pressuring myself to look at a certain style. ۔

“I feel like a completely different person now. I feel like the best version and I know it’s very clutch, but it’s true.

“I am now completely confident in my body, thanks to my surgery. I feel good in clothes, as I am in proportion. I feel like I can wear nice sweaters and tops, because I actually have some Breast found.

“They look very natural and that’s great

Jessica loves her new body - after going from AA to C Cup.


Jessica loves her new body – after going from AA to C Cup.Credit: jessigymbunny / Instagram
Jessica called her old breasts 'pert but tiny'


Jessica called her old breasts ‘pert but tiny’Credit: jessigymbunny / Instagram

Jessica, who describes her pre-surgery breasts as “pert but tiny”, says she is always flat-breasted during pregnancy.

She says: “My breasts grew to a cup, they were nice, I liked them a lot. They were bigger than my milk came, but over time they got smaller in my natural size.

“I got used to them. I was disappointed when they left again.”

Jessica had her surgery with Dr. Creedes. “It simply came to our notice then.

“I’ve already done a lot of research online, and it seemed like the best thing he could do.

“I would say to other women, if this is something that is really bothering you and has been playing on your mind for some time, just consult her because she will give you confidence. ۔ “

You can follow Jessica. Here on Instagram. And learn more about Dr. Credis’s services here..

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