I was severely bullied and then kicked out of the Air Force

A WOMAN Italian fighter pilot who was bullied and kicked out of the Air Force has now joined the Ukrainian resistance to take down Vladimir Putin.

Julia Schiff has been fighting in Kyiv since the beginning of the war.


Julia Schiff was fired from the Italian Air Force after she complained about an unhealthy joke.1 credit
Schiff Said She Is Now Fighting In Ukraine


Schiff said she is now fighting in Ukraine1 credit

In a tough Facebook post the day after Mad Vlad’s troops invaded Ukraine, Schiff wrote: “There is no excuse for not responding. We need to save a country that cannot defend itself when it is invaded by one of the world’s powers with ridiculous motives.”

Three years ago, Schiff hit the headlines in Italy when footage of her being stalked by colleagues during a sick initiation prank went viral.

An Italian novice is suing eight sergeants for hitting her head on an airplane wing, whipping her buttocks and throwing her into a pool during a hazing ritual.

The 23-year-old was later kicked out of the Air Force after he complained about a prank.

The Horrors Of The Russian
Russian Ship Blown Up In Ukrainian Port After Kremlin Reveals Location

Military commanders claim she was expelled for “insufficient military fitness”.

According to Lelen, Schiff has been in Kyiv since the beginning of the war and filmed his mission as part of a mini-documentary.

Sources close to the show say the fighter pilot “never gave up.”

According to Corriere della Sera, Schiff was enrolled as a cadet three months before the hazing incident was filmed in April 2018, and finished fourth out of nearly 2,000 applicants.

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Chilling footage shows colleagues picking up a young Venetian woman and kicking her ass, her head being smashed against an airplane wing, after which she ends up in a swimming pool.

It comes as foreign fighters flock to the bloody fields of Ukraine to take on Putin’s marauding forces.

One of the first British fighters in Ukraine spoke about his fierce battle with Russian troops in the battle of Antonov.

Former army medic Jason Hay, 34, got into a shootout with Red Army soldiers trying to take over the airport and was later beaten by guards during horrific interrogations.

Jason, who has done two tours in Iraq, told The Sun: “The Ukrainians fought like lions and I’m proud to be by their side. What Putin is doing is terrorism. He bombs children and families for nothing. He is a war criminal.”

He flew to Ukraine at the beginning of last month. He recalled: “When I told my friends, they were like: “What, are you crazy?”. I am a qualified combat medic and worked as a private military contractor for seven years. I wanted to go and do something good.”

He settled in Kyiv and contacted foreign fighters before the invasion.

Colleagues Hit The 23-Year-Old Combat Pilot With Her Head On The Wing.


Colleagues hit the 23-year-old combat pilot with her head on the wing.1 credit
Schiff Said She Was Made A


Schiff said she was made a “black sheep” for complaining about a sick joke.1 credit

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