I was horrified when my little one spotted a “drug needle” in our hotel room.

THE FAMILY were horrified when their toddler stumbled upon a drug addict’s needle in their hotel room while on vacation.

When they asked employees about the grim find, they were kicked out and charged with the plant, they allege.


A family in Yorkshire was horrified after their son found an open needleCredit: Kennedy News
The Needle Allegedly Found In A Blackpool Hotel Room


The needle allegedly found in a Blackpool hotel roomCredit: Kennedy News

Shane Wilkinson, his wife and two children stayed at the Avari Hotel in Blackpool for their final break last Friday.

A father from Yorkshire said his three-year-old went to the bathroom and came out with a bare needle, and parents were worried he might have pricked himself.

After bringing it to the front desk, he claims he was given £35 back and then “kicked out” along with his wife and young children.

He said the manager believed the couple had planted the needle to “set up the hotel”, claiming they personally checked the bathroom before the family arrived.

He explained: “I was very angry that I left with my family and received accusations like this, and that he was insinuating that it was mine.

“I told them that this is not mine – I have a family, why should I tie this to my children.

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“My son is too small to understand what it is, and my daughter is disabled, so she does not understand what is possible and what is not.

“So we’re just grateful it wasn’t her who found it, because she probably would have caught herself doing it.”

Hotel manager Avari said: “I cleaned the room myself and there was no needle in the bathroom or bedroom.

“I checked right back where the toilet and sink are, and there was nothing there. It definitely wouldn’t be missed.

“They might have brought it in themselves to try and set up the hotel, and I think that’s what happened.

“I didn’t tell him to leave the building. I called the owner and told the situation and he asked me to give him back the money, so I automatically refunded him.

“Recovering drug addicts don’t stay here, this is a family run hotel.”

Booking.com has since refunded the couple and removed the hotel from their site while they investigate the incident.

A spokesperson for Booking.com said: “We were disappointed to learn of this client’s experience with properties booked on our platform.

“While we investigate further, this property is currently closed and will not be able to accept further bookings through our website.

“We have apologized to guests for their experience and provided a full refund, as well as covering the additional travel and accommodation costs they incurred, and will be making a gesture of goodwill for a future trip.”

The Family Found A Needle Behind The Toilet In Their Room


The family found a needle behind the toilet in their roomCredit: Kennedy News/Booking.com
Their Three-Year-Old Son Grayson Found The Needle.


Their three-year-old son Grayson found the needle.Credit: Kennedy News

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