I was desperate for a girl after two guys and was in awe of the gender reveal party… but the store played a cruel joke.

The MOTHER of two boys spoke of her devastation after being tricked into thinking she was expecting a baby girl.

Carla Sotelo from USA took tik tak and wrote, “Thanks to the owner of the little shop who ruined our gender reveal….


USA’s Carla Sotelo took to TikTok and explained how a small shop owner messed up her gender reveal by making her think she was expecting a girl.Credit: @carlalizets/Tiktok
The Pregnant Karla, Who Already Has Two Boys, Was Then Asked To Cut A Cake That Had A Blue Sponge On It, Indicating That She Actually Had Another Son.


The pregnant Karla, who already has two boys, was then asked to cut a cake that had a blue sponge on it, indicating that she actually had another son.Credit: @carlalizets/Tiktok

You think you can hurt me… we thought we would have a girl after having two boys, but that was a joke.”

In a short cutscene, Carla can be seen holding a balloon that reveals the floor and then piercing it with a pin to reveal a cloud of pink powder.

However, in the second subsequent videoshe then cuts open the cake, which instead reveals a blue sponge, indicating a boy.


She captioned the post: “This is why your mothers-in-law don’t surprise you with their gender…”

Many were left confused as to who is to blame – the store or her relatives.

“As you can see from my hand, it was clearly pink,” explains Carla. “So it wasn’t the store owner’s fault…it was pink.” “

“The store owner is related to my sister-in-law, this is her sister. My daughter-in-law doesn’t love me… count yourself.”

And several of Carla’s social media users took to the comments section to sympathize with her for the mean joke.

“Prank?? Who would play like that on a parent who hopes for a daughter after several sons?” one asked.

The second commented, “I’d be so mad because people really do this and think it’s sooooo funny,” while the third added, “Wow, I hate jokes like that, they just ruin everything.”

Meanwhile, a fourth remarked, “The prank would be to add white glitter, not the wrong gender or even mixed colors, that’s just mean.”

Carla And Her Partner Were Ecstatic When They Initially Thought They Were Expecting A Girl.


Carla and her partner were ecstatic when they initially thought they were expecting a girl.Credit: @carlalizets/Tiktok
The User Of The Social Network Was Outraged By The Cruel Prank.


The user of the social network was outraged by the cruel prank.Credit: @carlalizets/Tiktok

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