I wanted to cut off my skin, so I spent £20,000 to transform a mummy.

When the mother-of-one embarked on her weight loss journey, she had no idea she would be left feeling trapped in her own body—so much so that she longed to trim her loose skin.

Sarah Donald, 32, from Cambridge, who weighs over 16 stone, says she was constantly bullied and called names because of her weight, even by strangers, while she was trapped in a binge cycle to combat her feelings of shame.


Sarah Donald, 32, from Cambridge, weighed over 16 stone in her worst condition. Pictured with daughter BellaCredit: Sarah Donald
Following A Strict Eating Plan And An Active Lifestyle, Sarah Dropped Her Size 6 And 8 Dress From A Size 24 To A Svelte Size 8 In Just 10 Months.


Following a strict eating plan and an active lifestyle, Sarah dropped her size 6 and 8 dress from a size 24 to a svelte size 8 in just 10 months.Credit: Sarah Donald

Calling junk food her “escape and her enemy,” a senior support worker says she felt hopeless.

But as her 12-year-old daughter Bella transitioned from baby to toddler, she feared her body wouldn’t be able to meet the physical needs of motherhood.

Wanting to be a better mom, Sarah decided to take action and went on a diet and revised her exercise routine.


Following a strict eating plan and an active lifestyle, she completely changed her lifestyle and attitude to food, giving up the 6th and 8th clothing sizes, going from 24th to a slim 8th in just 10 months.

Unfortunately, her initial quick success came at a cost and made her feel worse than ever.

Sarah felt trapped after weight loss left her with over 4 pounds of extra skin and reduced breasts.

“At first, when I lost weight, I was really proud of myself. Watching the number drop on the scale made me feel great,” Sarah explained.

“But after I lost in 6th place, for some reason I felt worse than before. I felt trapped and didn’t want to leave the house. It was such a brutal turn for me.”

While she could fit into smaller clothes and outwardly looked like she was winning the battle for being overweight, Sarah mentally struggled with her smaller physique.

“I wore baggy clothes all the time to hide my skin,” she said. “I wore shorts over a bikini on vacation and wore two bras every day as my bust size went from 36DD to 32A.

“I no longer felt like a woman and could not feel less sexy towards my partner. I fell into a trap.”

After I lost more than 6th, I somehow started to feel worse about my body than before. I felt trapped and didn’t want to leave the house

Sarah Donald

Tired of feeling trapped in her own skin, Sarah decided to seek professional help and booked a consultation with Mr. Hagen Schumacherplastic surgeon consultant I love.Life in Cambridge to study her options.

Sarah’s first step was a breast augmentation in March 2018 to make her fuller and firmer.

“I just wanted something that looked natural but would help me feel more feminine again,” Sarah said. “Breast augmentation has helped me gain confidence.”

In November 2020, Sarah underwent a second operation: a full tummy tuck to remove approximately 730g of excess skin from her abdomen.

“I saw a huge difference in how I felt after a tummy tuck,” explained the mother of one of them. “Hagen did an incredible job.

“I’ve always been so ashamed of my baggy skin, but I started to feel more confident in clothes and found myself experimenting with more styles that I could never wear before or after weight loss thanks to abdominoplasty.”

In May 2021, Sarah returned for a thigh lift to remove excess skin from her thighs.

I feel confident, full of life and strength for the first time after losing weight

Sarah Donald

“The results were better than I could have imagined,” Sarah explained. “I felt confident, full of life and for the first time since losing weight.

“It may seem extreme to some, but it really changed my life.”

Finally, on January 6, 2022, Sarah passed the final leg of her journey when she underwent a “belt lipectomy” – also known as a 360-degree circular lower body lift – to remove remaining loose skin and stubborn fat deposits around her hips and waist. .

In all, Sarah has spent over £20,000 on surgical procedures to fix her body after her weight loss.

“I know it’s a lot of money, but my journey has made me realize that you can’t put a price on happiness,” she said.

“A few weeks ago, my mom asked me how I felt and I just said, “Free.” My mom told me she felt like she had her daughter back.”

“I began to realize how much travel and my mental health affected not only me, but also those around me.

“Now I feel free and from the very beginning I have been very open about my journey in the hope that my experience will help someone in a similar situation.

“It was a long and emotional journey, but it was worth it.”

Sarah’s life after weight loss looks very different.

She works out almost every day and takes care of her body from the inside out, drinking water, eating nutritious homemade food and allowing herself only one caffeinated drink a day.

She also started an Instagram account called a little slimmer to document her journey and inspire others who may be struggling.

“I started this journey to be a better mother to my daughter – she is now a teenager and I hope she can learn something from it,” she explained.

“I just want her to be free to talk about anything and do whatever she needs to be confident and strong.”

Sara Said She Always Felt &Quot;So Ashamed&Quot; Her Baggy Skin, But After The Operation Began To Feel More Confident In Clothes.  Photo Left Before And Right After


Sarah said she was always “so embarrassed” about her baggy skin, but since the surgery, she has become more confident with clothes. Photo left before and right afterCredit: Sarah Donald
When Sarah'S Young Daughter, Bella, Aged 12, Went From Being An Infant To A Toddler, She Feared That Her Body Would Not Be Able To Meet The Physical Demands Of Motherhood.  Pictured Together After Sarah'S Transformation.


When Sarah’s young daughter, Bella, aged 12, went from being an infant to a toddler, she feared that her body would not be able to meet the physical demands of motherhood. Pictured together after Sarah’s transformation.Credit: Sarah Donald
Sarah Is Now A Slim Size 8 And Looks Like A Completely Different Woman.


Sarah is now a slim size 8 and looks like a completely different woman.Credit: Sarah Donald
The Mother Of One Has Regained Her Confidence And Loves To Experiment With Different Outfits.


The mother of one has regained her confidence and loves to experiment with different outfits.Credit: Sarah Donald

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