I tried to get a rose tattoo TWICE at 16 but both times I passed out after 20… so I had an incomplete tattoo for years.

DEPENDING on where you have it, getting a tattoo can be quite a painful experience.

And for one woman, who was 16 at the time, it was so excruciating that she fainted – on two separate occasions.


A WOMAN from the USA took to TikTok and told how she went to get a rose tattoo at 16, but passed out from the painCredit: @bluevioletboutique/Tiktok
When She Returned A Second Time, She Passed Out Again, And Now, 18 Years Later, She Has An Impartial Tattoo On Her Thigh.


When she returned a second time, she passed out again, and now, 18 years later, she has an impartial tattoo on her thigh.Credit: @bluevioletboutique/Tiktok

After being urged not to return a third time, the grown man is now left with a rather bizarre unfinished drawing.

Taking to tik taka US woman known only as Blue Violet Boutique asked, “Anyone else with a partial tattoo?

“When I was 16, I went to get a tattoo and passed out after 20 seconds.


“Went back 3 months later to finish it and passed out 30 seconds later.

“The guy told me not to come back, so I had a weird partial tattoo for 18 years.”

In a second video Sharing online, the woman showed off a blurry tattoo on the side of her thigh and continued, “For the last 18 years, I’ve been living with… a partial tattoo!”

And many rushed to the comments section to express their surprise at the revelation.

“Lol, I wouldn’t have known it was a partial tattoo. I would guess it was some kind of symbol,” wrote one, while the second joked: “It could almost pass for a birthmark.”

A third commented, “Haha, I love it! What would it be if it were finished?” to which the woman joked: “Rose. I would prefer it!”

Another asked, “Why did he stop?” to which the TikTok user replied, “That was my question as well. Just finish it, I can’t feel it.”

Sharing his own experience, a third recalled: “FACT: this happened to me when I went to get my ears pierced.

It turned out that I was allergic to the chemical they rubbed my skin with.”

In A Second Video Posted Online, A Woman Showed Off A Blurry Tattoo On The Side Of Her Thigh.


In a second video posted online, a woman showed off a blurry tattoo on the side of her thigh.Credit: @bluevioletboutique/Tiktok

Speaking of bad tattoos, this woman wanted an intricate tattoo and thought it was great, but the lines are so wobbly that people say it looks like it was done by a child.

In addition, one woman needed an extra arm to get ready after she broke her wrist and was unable to do her own hair and makeup.

Meanwhile, a beauty lover asked for a cute blue diamond tattoo… it looked so bad that she didn’t even let the artist finish the drawing.

I have an upside down pineapple tattoo… turns out it has a hidden meaning and it was a HUGE mistake.

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