I spend £1500 every month on bottled water.

WHAT will your dream kitchen look like? If money weren’t an issue, we’d have an Instagram-worthy breakfast bar, multiple taps of instant boiled water, and several stoves so that we can prepare a storm at any moment.

Well, when social media star Ryan Dubs designed his fantasy space, he made it clear he wanted more than one refrigerator, which we as big foodies can understand.


Ryan’s video has over a million views.Credit: TikTok/ryandubs
One Of His Four Refrigerators Is Dedicated Exclusively To His Water Bottles.


One of his four refrigerators is dedicated exclusively to his water bottles.Credit: TikTok/ryandubs

But no, this spare fridge isn’t meant to store leftovers or snacks he impulsively bought at the supermarket—it was specifically bought to store the hundreds of water bottles he uses every month.

IN viral video With over 1.7 million “likes”, Ryan revealed that he spends a whopping £1,500 ($2,000) to have six huge boxes of Voss water delivered to his home every month.

Giving his 503,000 followers an insight into his spending habits, the influencer admitted, “For a water snob, this is such a luxury.”

In total, Ryan has four refrigerators in his chic modern kitchen, and his monthly supply of 164 glass water bottles completely fills one of them.


So why is he doing this? What’s wrong with good old tap water? Well, Ryan says he can’t stand the taste.

He continued, “I hate the taste of tap water. I can’t drink it. I can only drink bottled water, that’s the only way to get it in me.”

Although Ryan has ordered Fiji Water before, he has begun to feel guilty about the waste of plastic and has recently switched to Voss as the brand uses “handmade glass bottles”.

He continued: “Voss is carbon neutral, so it’s definitely the greener choice.

“And yes, it’s a little pricey, but I buy it in bulk from the same places that sell it to a hotel or grocery store, so it’s a little better.”

What’s more, Ryan says his guests are always impressed when he hands them a “nice, cold glass water bottle” as they walk through the door.

He captioned the clip, “Honestly, it’s a fashion accessory at the moment!”

Needless to say, people in the comments were so impressed with the unusual setup.

One responded, “It’s not the flexibility you think it is.”

Another added: “Bro didn’t find water filters…”

Meanwhile, a third wrote, “I thought it was a joke, but then he continued.”

He Orders 144 Bottles Every Month.


He orders 144 bottles every month.Credit: TikTok/ryandubs

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