October 18, 2021

I sleep with married men and enjoy the thrill.

The model is Gwyneth Lee, a financial adviser from West London, serial owner. . . And proud of it.

Here, she explains why she abandoned traditional dating for outdoor restaurants and cryptocurrencies.

Gwyneth Lee, 49, is a self-made serial owner.


Gwyneth Lee, 49, is a self-made serial owner.
She once happily married her late husband, Rob, who died of cancer.


She once happily married her late husband, Rob, who died of cancer.Credit: Cavendish.
Now she meets rich married men and goes on tours.


Now she meets rich married men and goes on tours.

Ever since my four-year relationship ended in 2017, I have had affair after affair with several married men.

From top businessmen to hoteliers, they have given me beautiful gifts, including Agent Provocateur Indies and fancy perfumes.

My lifestyle has enabled me to enjoy masculine companionship and exciting sex without the rudeness of a “normal” life.

At the moment I’m not sure if I can afford it.

Some people may be embarrassed or scared of the decision to be a serial owner, but I’m open about my job – I have a choice in my life.

But make no mistake, I know a lot of people, a lot of people don’t like it.

On one occasion a pregnant acquaintance heard that I was looking at a married man and turned to me. He first approached me at an event and accused me of being a domestic worker.

She didn’t have to worry – I had no way to get to her man. I think of people who criticize me and wonder: “Are you happy to be home in the morning? Or are you not as excited as I am?”

Because dating married men is exciting, with visits to restaurants and secret services outside.

Although most of my affairs fade into one, but a few blocks have emerged – I’ve been lucky to be with some really amazing men.

There was a man who was a meditation guru in the mountains of Switzerland before going into finance. He would take me away at a moment’s notice. I became so overwhelmed that the cabin crew memorized my drink order.

During a visit to Marrakech, he took me shopping in the markets and bought gifts worth over £ 150,000 over the weekend – and that was not uncommon.

There was another occasion when a lover of mine thought we would fall, so he went to Herod and bought me a beautiful Cartier bracelet, worth 25 25,000, to apologize.

The funny thing was, I had no idea we were going to break up. I was just out of signal so I didn’t respond to his messages but I’m happy to deal with occasional fights when it lets me drip in diamonds.

You do not get excited in a normal relationship when you are discussing how you should get treatment.

I should know, I wasn’t always a mistress. I was once happily married, but at the age of 31, I lost my husband, Rob, who owns a computer business, to cancer.

It is quite possible that losing the love of my life pushed me to a more comfortable relationship because when he died I suffered a great deal of separation.

I think getting married, having children and having that marital bliss is beautiful – but there are many of us who don’t need it. Being a mother was never my priority.

Girl’s code

I have more fun in matters, which can still be quite long term. There is a man I have been in contact with for ten years.

I have tried traditional dating but it made me very sad. I will let the tender go once a year and I will suffer terribly.

Single men constantly check their phones, brag about their victories and spend suspiciously long hours in Lou.

However, with married men, sex often goes home, so I’m their only lover and I don’t have to compete with anyone.

Excited to eat in restaurants that he would never normally eat, he orders caviar with vodka-washed names that I can’t pronounce.

I never ask for gifts, I never ask for food of choice, I always bring cash for a taxi. Maybe that’s why these people like me, because I never expect anything.

Sex often goes home, so I’m their only lover and I don’t have to compete with anyone.

When they like my attention, these men often talk too much about their wives but I never feel like I’m coming second. Everything can be fine in their marriage but they are deprived of intimacy, which only I can give them.

Therefore, among others, that I do not feel guilty for my actions.

Lying in bed, having sex with another woman’s husband (and I enjoy it – what I do is a choice), I don’t feel guilty.

I don’t feel remorse or think about their wife or children – I don’t know them.

I never go after a friend. In fact, I never go after a man. I firmly believe that you cannot steal from a man unless he wants to steal. I just don’t have that much power.

The men who cheat on their wives – and the women who cheat – are there to take it.

It is foolish for those who have been deceived “if it were not for the other person.”

If not me, someone else. I get caught in the hands of wives sometimes, and I get weird phone calls. I called a woman when she was drunk.

I was polite and respectful. We talked on the phone for 45 minutes about her feelings and at the end of the conversation she said: “You’re really cute.”

I always tell wives that I’m not here to cause problems in their relationship, and that they talk to their partner about it instead of me.

People may accuse me of breaking the “girl code” but this is not the case.

I’m always there for my girlfriends – helping them when they’re downstairs, on their shoulders crying and giving them my favorite clothes.

Cheating with a man is not about breaking the code.

Because women also cheat and men who want to steal are taken there.

If you’re in a loving, trusting relationship, you don’t have to worry.

About 50, I can handle other women’s sarcasm, but anyone who follows in my footsteps should know what they’re getting into.

Things are easier for me, they are less dramatic, and that’s why they appeal.

I don’t feel remorse or think about their wife or children – I don’t know them.

But, make no mistake, you should be prepared for the fact that it will not happen happily after the scene. A married man has a family in which he goes home and he does not take you on Christmas and New Year holidays.

Find out what you will gain from the relationship, otherwise you will be lonely.

If you are looking for love, you will either get rid of domestic debris or your heart will be broken.

My belief is that people are satisfied in marriages and that is what causes fraud. Both men and women go to weddings that look beautiful and sexy, all the guns are burning. But often, and usually after children, they are satisfied and stop trying. They get out of shape, sex goes.

That’s when they go looking for others – don’t blame me if I’m there to pick up the pieces.

Gwyneth says men who cheat on their wives are 'available to take'


Gwyneth says men who cheat on their wives are ‘available to take’
She admits that most of her affairs have been blurred.


She admits that most of her affairs have been blurred.Credit: Rex

Can You Forgive Fraud?

Partner played? Anna Williamson, a guru who loves dating celebrities, says you should ask yourself these questions. . .

How do I honestly feel about my partner right now? Don’t just wallpaper on cracks for fear of change or being single. But if your love is strong, tap on it to add strength to fight for your relationship.

Are they true to you? Infidelity is a choice and you deserve to know why they made that choice. Truth can hurt, yes, but it can be helpful in identifying the issues that cause it. It can also be a great indication of whether your relationship is worth saving.

Does your partner have feelings for them to fly? It is very difficult to move forward if one has jumped emotionally. If there are no feelings or real regrets between them then maybe your relationship can be saved.

Are you able to forgive? It is possible to move forward but it requires a lot of forgiveness, which allows the past to remain in the past without any hindrance.

Do you understand why the affair happened? Can you honestly say that you have been a good partner? Are there things missing that can lead to disbelief?

What does the future look like? Can you imagine that you and your partner have moved forward positively together? Or does the future look much less like the loving couple you were before?

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