I painted my eyebrows, but it did not match my natural hair color – now I have a marker on my face.

For many women, beauty is pain.

There are many unpleasant processes we go through to keep the way we look.


Molly showed viewers what her eyebrows looked like before she dyed themCredit: TikTok/@mstarrlol
That &Quot;After&Quot; The Shot Was Sharp


The “after” shot was sharpCredit: TikTok/@mstarrlol

One woman said she thought she would go to the salon just to tint her eyebrows, but it didn’t turn out the way she hoped.

Molly passing by @mstarrlol on TikTok, she started her video with a clip of how she looked before she dyed her eyebrows:

“Me before my eyebrows were done.”

Her brown hair was only slightly darker than her eyebrows and she looked naturally beautiful.

Then she showed the image “after”:

Her eyebrows were unnaturally dark and looked like makeup.

“I don’t think she realized I was ginger,” she said. “They are black.”

Molly signed video: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, yapotrachuvecherinku, ottirayaeto my face # ginger #eyebrowfail».

The clip received nearly 20,000 views and dozens of comments that tried to boost her morale:

“Don’t worry, it’s worth turning them dark after a while as they last longer,” wrote one person.

“Look on the bright side: they really accentuate your eyes and expressions,” added another.

As for other failed cosmetic procedures, a makeup artist named Ruzanna, known by her TikTok username @ruzannasmbatyan, said her lip fillers ended up moving towards her chin.

In the clip, she began, “Tell me your lip fillers have migrated without telling me your lip fillers have migrated. I’ll go first.

She then pouted her lips and it was clear that her filler had moved beyond her lips to her chin.

The video got 33,000 likes and many commenters said it was enough to make them stop stuffing their lips:

“Okay, yes, you convinced me against it,” said one of the spectators.

“WOWWW I JUST made an appointment to do mine. It was my sign to cancel it. Thanks for posting! I didn’t know about it,” added another.

The makeup artist, however, did not intend to scare people away from fillers in her video.

In fact, she said she “can’t stop, won’t stop” while stuffing her lips.

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She explained, “The whole point of the video was not to keep you from lip filler, it just showed my lip filler migrating.

“Don’t be afraid of lip fillers, it’s temporary. If it moves on your face, that’s fine. You will survive. You dissolve it. To be honest, it doesn’t even look that bad.”

Molly Hoped The Color Would Fade Quickly


Molly hoped the color would fade quicklyCredit: TikTok/@mstarrlol

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