I paid 550 euros for a tattoo on my back.

A TATTOO is for life, so you want your drawing to be perfect, right?

If you’ve had a tattoo, it’s likely that you showed the drawing or image of the tattoo you want to the artist, or asked him for a sketch that he had previously done.


One man was embarrassed by his tattoo and was convinced that the artist was on drugs.Credit: tiktok @ibne2002

Well, one man was horrified when he realized that his back tattoo didn’t look anything like what he asked for.

Not only did it not look like the tattoo he asked for, but it was so bad that it looked like it was drawn by a child.

Not only that, he was convinced that his tattoo artist was on drugs when he got the tattoo.

But it gets even worse…

The man was charged a whopping €550 for a tattoo and is convinced the price is too high.

19 year old guy took over tik tak and revealed that he found a picture of the tattoo he wanted on the artist’s Instagram page and was shocked that she decided to get him one instead.

The man uploaded a video with the caption “She was on drugs… and the price was too high…”.

Not only is he left with a tattoo that doesn’t look like the one he asked for, the tattoo artist is now ignoring his requests for a refund and has even fled the country.

He said, “I won’t get my money because she’s ignoring my messages…

“She has fled to another country and ignores all my messages.”

The man’s video clearly stunned a lot of people as it racked up a whopping 946.5k views.

He has 84.5 thousand likes, 397 comments and 100 reposts.

The Man Found This Tattoo On His Back On The Tattoo Artist'S Instagram Page.


The man found this tattoo on his back on the tattoo artist’s Instagram page.Credit: tiktok @ibne2002
But He Was Shocked By What The Artist Did To Him


But he was shocked by what the artist did to himCredit: tiktok @ibne2002

Many TikTok users were shocked by the man’s tattoo and expressed it in the comments.

One person said: “Go to court, this is NOT normal.”

Another added: “God, return the money or sue them.”

A third commented, “I’m SHOCKED.”


However, many TikTok users were not fans of the original tattoo that the man requested.

One person commented, “The first one looks bad too.”

The other said, “Why do you need it at all?”

A third added, “I thought the first one was bad…”

The Man Paid A Whopping €550 For The Tattoo And Is Now Trying To Get A Refund, But The Artist Is Ignoring Him.


The man paid a whopping €550 for the tattoo and is now trying to get a refund, but the artist is ignoring him.Credit: tiktok @ibne2002

Meanwhile, I spent my last £60 on a tattoo, but it turned out to be crooked and has an awkward double sexual meaning.

Also, I wanted to get a tattoo with ABBA lyrics on my stomach, but I got the words wrong… I will never get a tattoo again.

Also, I got a tattoo at 17 because it was trendy…it was a total flop, I know SIX people with the same tattoo.

If that wasn’t enough, I went to a tattoo party and asked for a pretty flower on my knee… it looks more like a cabbage, and the artist was rude.

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