September 19, 2021

“I owe my freedom to an employee of the Soviet embassy.” Medoza spoke to a South African activist who studied underground work in the USSR and competed in coloring. Dobson was discovered, but was saved by a Soviet diplomat.

This message (content) is created and (or) distributed by a foreign mess media that acts as a foreign agent, and (or) a Russian legal officer and a functional officer.

Save Medusa!

Susan, or Hundred Dobson, is now 59 years old and living a quiet retired life in the British Outback. But she spent the first half of her life in her native South Africa, where she, a white minority, joined the African National Congress (ANC) and helped fight apartheid. Dobson was trained to work underground in the USSR, became a secret agent: he got a job in the pro-government media and then in the state propaganda body and in South Africa’s special services operation against the opposition in South Africa. Learned about And in other countries, Susan was finally discovered, but with the help of a Soviet embassy employee, she managed to escape. Seo has been silent all his life about all this: “Medusa” is the second media outlet after the British The Observer, to which Dobson told the story of his life.

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