I named my child after a color

Like it or not, people always going to form an opinion on your choice of baby name – whatever you choose.

So when TikToker Victoria Explicit introduced her new baby girl to the world last year, she knew the color-inspired nickname would divide opinion.


Victoria responded to the trolls who criticize the name of her childCredit: TikTok/@toriyav
People Say That Her Daughter Will Be Mistaken For A Boy.


People say that her daughter will be mistaken for a boy.Credit: TikTok/@toriyav

But in viral video it topped 370,000, the mom-of-two responded to critics who questioned her decision.

She wrote: “Everyone HATES my baby’s name, that’s what it is…

“Her name is GRAY.”

After announcing her daughter’s name to her 155,000 TikTok followers, Victoria claims she was inundated with messages from trolls saying it was “ugly” and that her baby would be confused with a boy.


In the video that followed, the mom said, “A lot of people have told me they don’t like my baby’s name.

“Maybe it’s because it’s something they don’t often hear for a girl.

“Fortunately, that’s her name, not yours!”

Moreover, the mother gave her daughter the middle name Amber, which turned out to be much more popular.

“It doesn’t matter who hates YOUR daughter’s name,” one replied. “You endured, went through the pain. She has a beautiful name.”

Another added: “If you like her name, that’s all that matters. Everyone chooses what they live – no matter what other people think.

“You have to block these haters,” said a third. “She’s absolutely priceless.”

But her baby name isn’t the only thing that has sparked controversy.

Earlier this week, we covered the mother-of-two’s unusual parenting rules that viewers often criticize online.

Looking through them one by one, Victoria wrote: “I have rules for my children that you probably won’t agree with.”

To start with, the housewife says she makes her girls brush their teeth before breakfast every morning, which some people say is “the wrong way.”

What’s more, she also doesn’t follow a strict bedtime at home and has previously reported putting her baby to bed at midnight.

She says to her older child, “You can stay up as long as you want, as long as [you’re] responsible for waking up the next morning.”

But even though she’s not practical when it comes to evening routines, Victoria won’t let her daughter go to sleepovers.

Middle Name Of Her Daughter Amber


Middle name of her daughter AmberCredit: TikTok / Toriyav

In other news for parents, this mom of 10 revealed that she wakes up at 4:30 am to prepare lunch boxes for the kids — trolls accuse her of not feeding her eldest enough.

And this woman’s baby was born with so much hair that she has to blow dry it every day – her midwife couldn’t believe it.

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