I married a man with the same last name as my first name… I had the same first name twice and people think it’s a joke.

WHEN it comes to marriage, most women have a big decision to make.

Do you take your husband’s surname, leave yours or a double pair?


Lilly from the USA reached out to TikTok and explained how, after marrying her husband, she ended up with the same thing twice – Lilly LilleCredit: @life_with_lilly/Tiktok
Lilly Explained That She And Her Husband Were Colleagues And Had Been Married For Almost Five Years.


Lilly explained that she and her husband were colleagues and had been married for almost five years.Credit: @life_with_lilly/Tiktok

For Lilly, who is from the US, this was a tougher choice than most… considering her husband’s last name is the same as her first.

Taking to tik takLilly explained, “When you said you weren’t going on a date with a gym teacher whose last name is the same as your last name…

But now you’ve been married for almost five years, you have a house, a dog, and you’ve gone through three rounds of IVF together.”


She added: “Disclaimer: “We were and still are colleagues. Don’t twist!”

Eager to find out more, one of her social media followers asked if she kept her maiden name, to which Lilly confirmed, “No. I changed it. I’m Lilly Lill.

And many rushed to the comments section to discuss her rather unusual nickname.

“I can’t believe I just found out your name is Lilly Lilly. I LOVE IT lol,” one enthusiastically said, while the other commented, “What???? This is great!”

And it looks like Lilly isn’t the only one caught up in this rather unusual scenario.

“Honestly, I am so happy that I found some in the same situation as me. Literally not even married yet and has been Morgan Morgan ever since we started dating,” wrote one.

The second commented, “I’m Kristy Krist. We met at HS and reunited as adults. Every time in HS, some would point to my name if we got married.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote, “My husband adopted my son in 2019 and now my son’s name is Hunter Hunter,” while a fourth added, “I dated a guy and his aunt’s name by husband was Carol Carroll. Made me laugh.”

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