I let a woman live with me as long as she does ALL the housework, including ironing and walking my dog, but I’m called a user

The GUY explained that he had agreed to let the woman live with him for free while she did all the housework, but now he was being accused of being a “user”.

The 28-year-old said he was so busy with his PhD that he found it very helpful to have someone do tasks like walk his dog and iron all of his belongings.


The man agreed to relocate the woman for free if she does all the housework1 credit

The man was surprised when his sister found out about the arrangement and told him that he was “taking advantage of a vulnerable young woman.”

On Reddit, he said, “I’m busy with work day and night. I have a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in a very good area that my parents gave me after I graduated from college.

“I use one of the bedrooms as an office and the other as a guest room.


“About six months ago, a good university friend approached me and said that he had a cousin, 19 years old, who was kicked out by her parents because she was dating a guy.

“At the time, she was living with my buddy for a couple of months, but he had to ask her to leave because his girlfriend started to get upset even though she was working.

“They’re renting and her contribution wasn’t enough, so they had to pay out of pocket to cover her expenses and they just couldn’t do it anymore.

“This person knows that I have my own rather large apartment and asked me if I could take her in for a while. I told him that I would like to meet a girl first, and he agreed.

The guy arranged a meeting with her, and when he confirmed that she was good, he proposed to her.

He said, “I couldn’t let a stranger move in for free, and since I don’t need rent money, I asked her if she was willing to do all my housework (cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, ironing my clothes) . clothes, laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills, etc.).

“Since I completed my doctoral dissertation two years ago, my house has been a complete mess, so such an arrangement would be extremely helpful.

“She immediately happily agreed, I gave her a guest bedroom, and that’s it.

“Thanks to the fact that she doesn’t have to pay me a dime, she can save quite a lot of money by working, which she is very grateful for.

“I also like that I can now focus on my studies without having to worry about the condition of my home.”

He was content with the life situation until his sister found out about it and challenged him.

She said: “A few days ago my older sister somehow found out about my situation, met with me and called me a bunch of names, saying that I was actually using this vulnerable young girl as a free housekeeper and that she was probably bothering because of that, plus a bunch of other stuff like that.

I asked her if she was willing to do all my housework (cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, ironing my clothes, washing my clothes, grocery shopping, paying bills, etc.).

“I completely disagree with her opinion, because we both get something from our agreement.”

Reddit users were quick to share their thoughts.

One person said, “You have an agreement with this woman: housework for rent. It doesn’t seem like she herself thought she was being exploited.”

Another said, “She agreed to do this instead of paying you rent, which is perfectly acceptable. As long as you don’t command it or take advantage of the situation, it’s all right.”

While a third added: “She agreed to do housework in exchange for free meals before moving in, which is an arrangement that benefits her.

“Your sister has not spoken to the girl and is making these wild accusations without any facts.

“As long as the girl is still happy with the arrangement, your sister needs to mess around.”

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